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Renée J.

My name is Reneé and I fell in love with Oriental inspired stamping about 2 years ago. I like making trading cards the best and I love working with Washi papers. I am a vet tech by trade and live on a mini farm with lots of animals and a large greenhouse that I love to piddle in when I am not stamping.

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Art is my remedy for depression and metal breakdown. Aged 35 (born in the year of the Earth Monkey, in the hour of the Boar… birthday is in late >summer). No pets, no children, half-breed yankee married to a lovely englishman. OSA was one of the first groups I joined last year when I decided to start stamping and it’s been one of the nicest groups to be with.

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I got started in stamping when I went to a SU home party many years ago. I still have the first stamp set I bought there. Now 2000+ stamps later, I am still going strong but haven’t improved much though my tastes have changed. I used to do cutesy and now don’t do it at all, I used to like pastels best but now I like earth tones…….etc. Who knows? I may go back to cutesy someday…

I met Annette when I was list mom for a trading group……..the group she now owns………we have been friends since then, I guess. She fills me with confidence (tries to anyhow though I’m a tough nut to crack) I’d say my favorite kind of stamping now is Oriental……….(you can pay me later, Annette)

I am a 64 year old widow of 6 years this month. Bob and I had gone together since early high school and had been married 40 years just 5 days before he died in ’98….We have two grown children, BJ (45) and Jodi (42) Three grandchildren, 22, 21 and 18….Patiently waiting for great grandchildren…….The love of my life now is Sadie a black lab who is 5 years old……….she is my life and is sooooooooo intuitive….. knows when I’m feeling bad or having a bad day and will come and lay her head on my arm and just look at me with those big black eyes.

I love genealogy, reading, tv, miniatures (I have a dollhouse I’m trying to get finished) flowers and Charles Wysocki jigsaw puzzles. I don’t have a good picture of me……..probably cause I take terrible pictures…

That’s all folks……..rj

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Romi A.

I live in Southern California with my boyfriend and our two cats. I have lived in Romi A.Southern California since 1990. Prior to that, Denver, Colorado by way of Hiroshima, Japan. I was born in Japan and I am half Japanese. Other interests include tennis, skating, martial arts and weapons training.

How did you get started?
Innocently enough, in 2002, I bought the All Night Media Japanese set and quickly realized I didn’t really know what to do with the stamped images besides color them in. I had no idea of the potential. About a year later, I picked up a copy of Return to Asia and the switch flipped on. As I pored over the lovely artwork in that magazine, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I went on a frenzied mission to acquire asian-themed images for my stamp collection and ultimately set up a stamp work room in my house.

Favorite stamping items?
I admit it, I am a paper freak. I have boxes and rolls of it. I had collected quite a bit even before I started stamping. My favorites are the textured and washi papers from Japan. I have even been accused of using stamping as an excuse to buy more paper. Perhaps it’s true.

Favorite reason to stamp?
It is my escape from the mundane and when I finish, most of the time there is immediate gratification. Also, for me (I am speaking only for myself) stamping allows me to “cheat” a little bit in artwork. I don’t have to have the technical mastery of drawing an image. I can use the stamp for that and I can concentrate on the composition.

Day job / background?
I do planning, primarily environmental planning which involves reviewing various projects (e.g. roads, commercial and residential developments) to ensure compliance with federal and state environmental laws. Stamping provides a nice escape and balance to such technical work.

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Rose M.

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Rosemary L .

Stamping for how long?
About 5 years

How did you get started?
I was invited to a Stampin Up party, and then attended a Rubberama convention show. There I was inspired with all the unmounted Asian stamps available to create cards.

What are your favorite things about stamping?
1. Stamping has been a stress reliever to my daily life
2. I enjoy making new friends to share creative ideas
3. I like exchanging and receiving creative cards in the mail. It is one of the BIG highlights of my day now to check the mail box and email since I have joined the Asian Stamping group!

I work full time for an insurance company.

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Ruth C.

Stamping how long?Ruth C. and  Family
I first picked up stamps when my oldest was 4 years old, that was 19 years ago and I still have some of my original purchases, still in great shape for stamping. I only stamped off and on over about 13 of those years, have been a serious stamper for the past 5-6 years.

How did you get started?
You expect me to remember that from 19 years ago, LOL? I have always been a crafty type person so I am sure I saw them demo’d somewhere or in a craft magazine and wanted to try it out for myself. I definitely remember embossing over the electric burners on the stove, like only 3 ink color pads available (red,blue,black), and huffing and puffing with markers. The kids enjoyed stamping too when they were younger, don’t worry, mom did all the embossing for safety
reasons of course.

Favorite things about stamping?
It can be applied to so many other art areas. I can’t draw well so this way I can have the images I want and still color them and use them the way I desire. They are just so incredibly versatile.

As of 2004, I am 43 years old, married for 26 years, 4 children and 1 “adopted” daughter (my daughter’s best friend lives with us), 4 cats and 1 dog. I homeschooled all the kids mainly due to our military travels, (we retired 4 years ago from the Air Force), and have one still in home highschool and one home in 5th grade. My oldest daughter is married and gifted me with 2 grandkittens (they don’t plan to have children) which I babysit and feed and take care of when they are out of town. I have a 20 year old son still at home, my 2nd daughter is almost 16 and her best friend is 18 and my youngest son is 10. My husband works for the airline industry.
I consider myself a multi-media artist. I will create in any medium that strikes my fancy. My grandmother put a needle and thread in my hands at the age of 3 and taught me how to sew “pockets” to store treasures in. I have done just about everything, sewing, crochet, embroidery, jewelry making, woodworking, floral, painting, polymer clay, and now lots and lots of paper arts. I did not get the drawing/artistic type aptitude as some of my other family members but find just as much joy in everything I do create. It’s my lifeblood, if I can’t create, I get really crabby. I have been unable to work outside the home for nearly 5 years now, due to fibromyalgia and arthritis especially in my neck, shoulders and hands, so creating art and sharing it with my Art Sisters keeps me involved in life outside my little world here at home.

I just love oriental things. The simple lines and styles and yet exotic items from the other side of the world just appeal a lot. I did my bedroom last year in oriental blues and just love the calm area to retreat to and relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. My hubby was a bit skeptical, but he loves the haven I created in our bedroom too.

Please visit my OSA Gallery and my Picturetrail album!

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