Layout Challenge #360

The Layout

Well! After a few horizontal layouts, I thought it might be time to have a vertical one. This layout was inspired from a card in a magazine that the lovely Margo had sent me. If you have participated to one of her swaps, you will know that she always added a lot of goodies in her parcels, even to me who lives in Australia, always so kind. So I thought I might as well make the most of it and I (sort of) recreated the layout using Powerpoint (like the purples?). I hope you enjoy it.

This week’s layout is vertical and has:

  • a Biiiiiig image in a circle placed on a piece of decorative paper at the back
  • a sentiment
  • an embellishment that can be whatever you feel like
  • 4 little pieces of paper

Our Layout #360
Let’s see what you can do with this one. The deadline is Sunday 14th February. Remember, your card design must be oriental in nature. There must be at least one stamped item on your card.E-mail your card to the group and don’t forget to let me know just in case I’d miss your art. Come back later this week to see who has taken the challenge.

The Participants

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