May 2012: Mary Redford

May 2012 – Mary Redford
“Oriental Card and CD”

How long have you been stamping?
Since 1998.

What is your favorite technique?
I love embossing and working with shaving cream.  For the shaving cream you add ink to it, stir it up with an ice-cream stick, and add card stock.Then clean off with a damp paper towel and let the background dry.

Favorite stamp company?
Stampin’ Up, About Art Accents/Art Neko and Stamp Magick.

Favorite Asian stamps?
Cranes, words, kids and women.

Favorite stamping accessory?
My Score-Pal and My Ink’s double-sided tape.

Your favorite embellishment to finish a card?
Ribbon, baker’s twine or words I write on the back showing the Mingle, group, date and my name.

What is the one tool you couldn’t live without?
My Cuttlebug and Score Pal.

Any helpful tips for the group?
Tell yourself you can do it even if it’s not as good as someone else who has been making cards 5 years or more.  The more you try, the better you will get like I did.  I didn’t know how good I had become until someone like (Margo) told me so.

As a member of OSA why do you like stamping in the Oriental theme?
I have always loved the Oriental theme.  I even have my bedroom done in an Oriental theme with three walls painted gold and the fourth wall painted red.  It is beautiful.

Is there any one place or city you’d like to visit to find rubber stamps?
Oh yes!  I would love to go to China, England, and where I could buy paper that is Oriental in theme.  I would also like to find some beautiful rice paper.

What other stamping lists or local clubs do you belong to?
Too many!  Other than OSA and it’s sub-groups I belong to CardsAllKindsandSizes, Show-Me-Mo-Rubber, BlindSwapATCs and ATC_Fun.

What favorite stamping magazines would you recommend?
Paper Craft and Card Maker.

Published in any magazines?  If yes please list:
: ( No, not yet.  Hoping soon.

Any other hobbies, talents or craft interests?
I love making bracelets, necklaces with beads.  I love beading soft dolls or any soft images and have some in a glass door.

What inspires you to be creative?
Most of the Mingles I participate in.  The OSA members will send e-mails telling about the Mingles and showing the cards.  I love the e-mails telling how the card was made.

Art background?
I have no art background.

Have you used any unusual item in your stamping that wasn’t necessarily meant for stamping?
Oh yes.  I have used wire, labels off cans we cook with, candy wrappers, CDs and picture frames.

Any favorite websites you would recommend for inspiration?
There is no other website with the Oriental theme except OSA.

Do you have a day job when you’re not stamping?
No.  I am a housewife and I cook every day, 3 times a day.

Tell us about your family and where you live:
OK.  I live with my dear husband in Owensville, Indiana.  We moved here from California last March.  We lived in California for 35 years but we both are from Indiana.  He retired, wanted to move to Indiana, and buy a house.  We bought this house which is 101 years old and we love it.  I love having my own art studio.  My hubby builds model cars so he has his own hobby studio as well.  We’ve been married for 45 years.  We have 2 daughters and 3 grandsons.  The grandsons are 16, 17, and 19.  One daughter lives here with the one grandson who is 17. When we bought this house and he asked me what color to paint the bedroom.  He painted my bedroom in California as well so I told him to also paint this one with three gold walls and one Chinese red one.  It is so beautiful and all the pictures and things in the room give it such a nice Asian look.  I don’t even wear shoes in my bedroom.  My family is always asking me to send them a card because they want to see what I am working on.  I do have a blog so I send the blog to the family that has a computer.  My mother doesn’t have a computer.  This is my life.  I love it here and I love doing art any time I want to. My name is Mary Redford and here is my blog if you would like to see what I do:

Supplies used:

4 ½” CD
1 (4 1/4″) circles white card stock
5″ round piece Oriental material
1 (2 ½”) dark blue card stock
1 (2 1/4 ) circle white card stock
Crochet thread and hook
4″ round green card stock
Crane stamp
Asian word stamp
Foam tape
sewing machine

1. Attach a piece of plain card stock to the back of the CD just inside the edge.
2. Take a piece of Oriental cloth and cut it into a 5 x 5″ circle.  Glue on the back to the attached piece of card stock.
3. Punch 9 holes in the CD with a Crop-A-Dile around the edge.
4. Thread hemp around the CD.
5. Crochet a hoop to hang the CD.
6. Cut another circle of card stock in green, run it through an embossing folder and attach it to the back, over the material and crocheted hoop, to create a nice back.
7. Cut a circle of dark blue card stock the circumference of the circle.
8. Stamp a crane on white card stock in blue and cut into a circle just slightly smaller than the dark blue card stock underneath.
9. Sew a zigzag stitch around the edge of the white card stock into the blue.
10. Mount the circle onto the CD.
11. Stamp the oval Asian writing and punch or cut out.
12. Mount the oval Asian writing with foam tape .


Supplies used:

1 (5 ½” x 4 1/4″) sheet patterned paper
1 (5 ½” x 8 1/2″) sheet solid color paper

1. Fold the solid paper in half to make the card base.
2. Place the patterned paper on top of the card base.  You want it all the way to the edges of the card base.
3. Cut a picture out with a 3″ circle die cut and mount it on a circle of black card stock that is slightly larger than the picture.
4. Stamp the word Friend (2″ long) and punch it out with an oval die cut.  Punch out another oval in black a little larger than the one with the word.
5. Add gold star stickers around the card.

16 Responses to May 2012: Mary Redford

  1. Congratulations Mary! Enjoy your month in the limelight!!!

    Sandra G.

  2. Heather T. says:

    Beautiful work! =)

  3. blackopal63 says:

    Congratulations Mary.. a great bio . love your house too!!!!
    Liz In Australia

  4. blackopal63 says:

    Congratulations Mary.. wonderful work. Enjoy your month!. Love your house too1!!!
    Liz in Australia

  5. Ruth C says:

    Congratulations Mary!!! Love your project and learning more about you. Enjoy your time as SAM!
    Big Hugs,

  6. Linda I. says:

    Nice project. Congrats.

  7. Carla vdMS says:

    Congratulations to you Mary for becoming famous for a month as SAM of May 2012.
    Like the look of the CD

  8. Bonnie Belk says:

    Congratulations, Mary. It’s your time to shine!

  9. Kathy Nycz says:

    Congratulations Mary. Both your projects are beautiful. I love the floral background on the card.

  10. Bonnie Waliezer says:

    Congratulations Mary, I love your work and am always inspired by it.
    Bonnie W.

  11. kim mckinney says:

    Great card and project. Congratulations.

    Kim McKinney

  12. cbsumm says:

    Loved your bio and your art samples are fantastic. CONGRATULATIONS for representing OSA for the month of May as SAM.

  13. Retta says:

    you do beautiful work. I am from northern Indiana as well. Thanks for sharing and congratulations!

  14. Mary Waspe says:

    hope you have a wonderful month.lovely art too.

  15. Jan Castle says:

    Thanks Mary for your bio…so nice to get to know you! It really is amazing to see how we progress in such a short time…looking forward to seeing your work often! Enjoy your well-deserved month as SAM!
    Paper Hugs,

  16. melodyscraps says:

    Congrats Mary! Beautiful items!

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