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Adrienne W .

Originally from New Zealand, we moved here in 1988 during Expo and just love Brisbane. I no longer work, but rely on DH of 43 years for my stamping pocket We have adult daughters, but no grandchildren and share our home with my cockatiel named Blue and dozens of wild birds which frequent our yard.

Stamping for how long?
Nine years, after I left work due to health problems at 55 and saw a demo using punches and a handful of stamps in a local mall around Christmas time.

How did you get started?
I thought this was a neat thing and like hundreds of others no doubt, could see myself making my own greeting cards and saving money! After looking for a nearby stamp store, I fronted up for lessons and was amazed by embossing. From then on there was no turning back. When I was given a very old computer, I joined Stamphappy, which is our Aussie Yahoo group and have belonged to various other groups over the years.

At the time OSA was formed, I was still uncertain as to my style, having just taken it up, so to speak. I realise now, how much I have missed out on…lol

Favorite things about stamping ?
Definitely the friendships and generous sharing of art and resources. The fact it’s a versatile art form and can be adapted to fit most other mediums. My greatest thrill was spending 3 weeks with a long time stamping e-friend in NC in 2000 and visiting as many of the stamp stores as possible in the time!

I’ve always liked writing, but don’t have an artistic bone in my body. My father was an accomplished painter using oils and my elder daughter has excelled with pastels. I have also dabbled in altered books, tins, board books, ATCs, mini ATCs, ostrich egg decoupage and anything that can decorated. Two years ago, I decided to try Oriental style and just love the simplicity of the art and the wonderful members in the OSA group.

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Angela L.

I have been stamping about 10 years. I like most kinds of paper arts, but not techniques or projects that require preciseness.

I am the very proud mother of 2 college students, a 21 year old son and an 18 year old daughter. I have been married to the same lucky man for 22 years. I moved from the Seattle area, Redmond to be exact, to Kenai, Alaska 28 years ago. I have a mini farm in a fairly rural area. I own 15 chickens, 3 rabbits, 6 dogs, 4 of which are indoor pets and 2 cats. We often have moose in our yard and have had two bear sightings
in the past several years.

I work in a juvenile detention facility that is short term placement for youths between the ages of 11-19 years old who have gotten into trouble with the law. I really enjoy working with this group of kids even though it can be disheartening at times.

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Annemiek v. d. G.

My name is Annemiek and I live in The Netherlands in a very small town in the SW. The town is called Scherpenisse. I have been stamping for about 2 years; I have always been busy with Pergamano, art by parchment paper, but I needed to do something else and I have always loved stamps, so I changed my hobby.

I was introduced to OSA by Beppie and I like all the groups, swaps and everything that is organised here. My other hobby is the computer and my work, and my favourite holiday country is Sweden.

For my work: teaching children typewriting so they can use the computer keybord with 10 fingers and I’m taking care of new teachers and new lessons and everything that is needed for the children and teachers.

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Annette W.
Vendor, About Art Accents
How did you get started?
My sojourn into stamping began at 6:00 P.M. on October 7, 2001. I was invited to a Stampin’ Up party and saw heat embossing and was hooked. I began stamping in my spare time. Six months later I joined OSA because I was enthralled with all of the artwork that members created. I became a moderator for OSA a few months after that and then Lizzie Slothouber (OSA Founder) asked me to take over OSA in 2003. We have continued Lizzie’s high standards for OSA. OSA members are not only talented, they are courteous and helpful to all Stampers.

Favorite stamping items?
Unmounteds: Anything Oriental, geisha, samurai, dragons, chopsticks, pandas, zodiac animals, dominoes, mah jongg tiles, bamboo tiles, fibers, foils, Chinese coins, papercuts… I love papers, Washi (Japanese papers), tassels, and all kinds of embellishements that will fit on a card and into an envelope. You name it. If I can glue it onto my art, I glue it onto my art.

Favorite reasons to stamp?
Stamping and creating relieve stresses of daily life while creating beauty and forming lasting friendships with unique and talented Stamp Artists. And being a Stamper gives me a reason to shop. I enjoy creating stamped art that fits into my daily life: desk sets, lamp shades, picture frames, clocks, you name it, I’ll stamp it.

Day Job/Background?
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
Work with deaf children, supervise teachers
American Sign Language (ASL) Instructor
University Professor and Teacher Trainer
Published Author
Educational Consultant and Keynote Speaker

I am married and am “Mummy” to one CCD (College Coed Daughter). We have 2 cats, a dog and a flock of humming birds for pets.

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Barbie D.

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Bonnie M.

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Bonnie W.

Hi… I am Bonnie W., and the “Old Lady” of the group. I turned 74 on May 13th this year. Old on the outside, but still young and foolish on the inside. I live in beautiful Washington state not far from Heather.

I have stamped off and on for many years, but didn’t really get into it in earnest until about 7 years ago. I have way more stamps and related things than anyone should be allowed to have. Some day I may even use most of it.

I have a large, extended family. My late husband and I had both been married before and when we combined our families there were 12 kids. 6 boys and 6 girls. Thankfully not all home at the same time. LOL. I have 44 grandchildren and 19 Great grands at last count. However there are 3 more of those due this year yet. So you see I manage to keep busy with cards for just the family. I am chairman of an NCOA Aux. Unit and I try to do greeting cards for the veterans at the V.A. Hospital over in Portland, Or. for each holiday. We take care of 2 floors so this usually means about 45 cards to make each time. Worth the effort as they are so pleased to get them.

I like any kind of stamping theme, but am really partial to the Oriental. I think that is mainly because of all the great people on this line who have been such a help to me. Can’t say I have any particular color preferences, just what happens to strike my fancy at the moment. I am getting back into Iris Folding, which is something I really like to do.

I love learning new things and consider a day wasted if I haven’t learned something.

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Carla v. d. M.

My name is Carla van der M. and I live in the Northern part of the Netherlands called ‘Friesland’. Married for 30 years now to Hans and we have two sons Friso (25) and Erwin (22). We own a grandcafé-restaurant in the town of Drachten. It is settled in a former Major house from 1900.

Mostly I do office work, used to work and help out in the restaurant taking care of our guests, but cannot do that anymore due to health problems. So you see this takes up a large part of my time, but crafting keeps me alive and kicking and takes the mind of from work…very relaxing!!!!

My favourite craft is Origami, have been doing this for about 19 years now. I also like teabagfolding which is actually origami too and I collect teabagwrappers from all over the word. Must have about 8000 different ones now…stopped counting a long time ago.

I have always had an interest in Oriental, Egyptian and Celtic items and stuff as long as I can remember. I started stamping a few years back when I saw some cards made with stamps at the yearly big craft fair in Amsterdam. They caught my eye and I was hooked!!! Bought some stamps on wood, but soon discovered the UM’s and they are it for me now. Love to make oriental-cards in combination with origami, stamps and punches.

Someone in my teabaggroup mentioned OSA a few years ago and this is how I joined this wonderful group of oriental-stampers. Love the swaps that are always going around and the lots of eye-candy in the member’s gallery.

This is one warm and great group to belong to.

See my OSA gallery!

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Carol W.

Stamping for how long?
21 years (seriously for 12 years)

How did you get started?
I had an operation and had to be off work and doing nothing strenuous for 6 weeks. My daughter who was away in college sent me a few stamps and supplies to make thank you cards. I got such a positive response from the recipients that I continued to make simple cards (and let me tell you they were SIMPLE). A friend of mine just recently sent me a card that I had made for her in those early days and I could not believe my eyes! I told her to throw away any cards she had left and I would make her a new batch. About 12 years or so ago it became an obsession … you know “the one with the most stamps win”.

What are your favorite things about stamping?
First and foremost is the friendships that have developed. Second I find it very relaxing. Third, there’s ALWAYS something new to try.

I use to be a Manpower Management Analyst for the US Army Corps of Engineers until I retired 9 years ago. Then, I worked part time at a local rubber stamp store. Never, ever do that…work in a stamp store. You see everything new that comes in and you want everything! These days I’m just ‘the Queen’. My priorities – family (husband, 3 kids, 7 grandkids) and then stamping related activities with friends. Hmm, I might have gotten that wrong. I’m my family’s priority – they don’t call me ‘the Queen’ for nothing!



Carole M.

As a new member to OSA I’m still a raw beginner with stamping itself; I want to learn so many techniques and find lots of inspiration here. I found OSA after reading an article in The Rubber Gazette by Lizzie Slothouber.

Favourite stamping items to date are my Japanese-inspired unmounteds from AAA with geishas, gingko, blossoms, fans, willows, teapots etc. I like the idea of using the alcohol-ink-based pens for colouring.. though I haven’t any yet. My heat-gun no doubt will be a favourite item too as I am likely to do lots of embossing; also chalks and watercolour pencils.

To try and mimic Oriental is a challenge that doesn’t happen without making a determined focus; I want to apply this theme to cards especially.

I’m retired now from administration within the home construction industry. Married to Des for 39 years, we’ve 2 daughters and 3 grand-children. I’ve long enjoyed dabbling in various crafts, gardening, embroidery——– I like botanical and insect images and nature’s bounty especially. We live on the mid north coast of N.S.W., at Lake Macquarie – Australia’s largest salt water lake. Creating digital graphics with PhotoImpact-XL is another interest and here is where I’ve dabbled most with “Oriental” at this point.

Looking forward to making new friends here ———– I love to write and share common interests too.

See my OSA gallery!

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Carolyn S.
MOSAS (Monthly Oriental Stamp Art Swap) Coordinator

Stamping for how long?
5 years

How did you get started?

Signed up for a class to support a new acquaintance that had moved to Boise who was scheduled to teach a class at one of our local stamp stores. Because she was new to the area, I didn’t want her to be disappointed if no one signed up for her class. As it turned out, she invited me to her home to show me her vast collection of stamps, supplies and generously let me borrow a few to experiment with. THAT WAS ALL IT TOOK.

I started a search for oriental themed rubber stamps and ran across Anne at Stonehouse Rubber Stamps. With her encouragement, I continued on and in 2001 joined the Yahoo Oriental Stamp Art Group. Even though I belong to other groups, my heart is in oriental design, especially inspired by the beautiful Japanese paintings and flowers.

What are your favorite things about stamping?

I love a challenge and also like to experiment by tweaking techniques and experimenting with new products. My inspiration comes from other artists; they encourage me to improve the quality of my art and to try new designs and combinations.

What I didn’t realize in the beginning was the “friendship factor.” The closeness and camaraderie between artists is a huge plus and the friends I have met through my new-found hobby are some of my greatest treasures. I may not recognize them if I pass them on the street, but I know them intimately and in many cases could identify the artist by viewing a completed piece. My collection of their art is a treasure unsurpassed, and I never tire looking at it.

Materials, techniques, emotions, stress-reducer…. I love to color — watercolors, chalk, pencils and also coloring with the use of different shades of embossing powders within the design. Flowers are another favorite of mine, and I incorporate them often into my designs.

Backgrounds — I experiment a lot. The polished stone effect is one of my favorites because it never turns out the same.

Charms and fibers add the extra touch and I use them a lot. Clay is intriguing; however, I have never attempted to incorporate it into my art style. I relish the pieces given to me by others and perhaps some day will give it a try on my own.


My husband and I retired to Eagle, Idaho, from Southern California in 1997 to escape the hectic lifestyle and a fall that forced my early retirement. Stamping has filled a void for the days and weeks I felt isolated because of a hearing problem. It gave me a purpose with fulfillment and satisfaction. I didn’t need to hear or communicate one on one to work on my art. The computer was my educational tool for new techniques and contacts with others who shared my love of creating. I am very fortunate to have computer skills — my lifeline to my friends and fellow artists. I am also fortunate to have the support of my DH who enjoys watching the quality of my work improve and is my best critic.

My only regret — our grown children and granddaughter still live in California so visits with them are extra special celebrations. These anticipated events provide the excitement and give us something to look forward to and plan throughout the year.

My art has improved my life and brought me many, many friends.

Visit my OSA gallery and my Picturetrail album!

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Cindy C.

I am a bilingual French-Canadian. I’ve lived all across Canada, mostly due to my family following my father’s work. He’s was a heavy equipment operator. (operates the BIG cranes and such on consruction sites) Hubby and I married in 1994 and added our ‘furbaby’ in 1995. This picture is of me and Pirta. The other is of the three of us: Jim, Cindy and Pirta. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2002 I think. Makes me tired, my body ache and I cannot work full time. Stamping and scrapping is something I can do when I have the energy and have something to show at the end of 3-4 hours.

Stamping for how long?
Since about 2000? When Stampin’ Up! came to Canada.

How did you get started?
My girlfriend had just signed up with Stampin’ Up! and was showing me some of the updated features, like the stamp cleaning pad, and when she got to heat embossing, well, she had me sold! Too fun!

Favorite things about stamping ?
The fun and generous people I get to meet. In person and online! Generous by being willing to share what they know, and having patience with a beginner! Thanks to them, I now consider myself an advance scrapper and stamper. I belong to a local club named PMS and one of the members Sonia I told me about OSA when I told her of my interest in Oriental art. I lurked for about 6 months, then jumped in to a few swaps. Totally fullfilling!


I started off as a professional photographer, then worked in a 1-hour lab for about 10 years, trained as a baker, then finally I am currently an Administrative Assistant (fancy for secretary) for a Baptist Church here in Edmonton. I’ve always been into crafts, starting with some drawing, then cross-stitch, photography, scrapbooking and now stamping. I had a nervous breakdown between the baker and secretary, and found that scrapbooking helped me get some self confidence back. It also got me out of the house.
The stamping was to add to the scrapbooking and save money from buying cards… Hubby believed me at first…. 🙂

See my OSA gallery!



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