July 2014: Using die cut or punched images as templates

When you die cut out an image, what do you do with the part that’s left over?  Do you toss it?  Put it in your scrap pile?  Well for this month, we are going to take that image and use it as a template.  You can take the part that has the hole in it and make a card with that or you can take the image you punched or die cut out and make a card with that – or both if you wish.

Our Layout Challenge for the week of June 1st over in Oriental Stamp Art had us making circles for the Layout.  That piece of paper that is left will still work perfectly as a background layer on another card so you don’t have to waste that paper.  But before you use it there, use it as a stencil.  Here’s the card I made June 1st:

Layout Challenge #275


Naturally that card has lots of layers.  The base is that light tan, then a dark layer, then the tan again that I stamped with the brown circles.  Then a raised brown circle with the blue circle on top (actually it’s a tan circle the same color as the base that I sponged).  For those concerned about today’s mailing costs, this can immediately bring up dollar signs.  Not to worry!!  You can make a card similar to this, using the Layout Challenges that call for multiple layers, as a single layer.  It’s all in the stenciling and sponging!!

Here’s what I did for my second card.  I started with my base card and masked the area where I had my ribbons on the above card.  I then used my thin masking tape and crossed them over to cover where the second ribbon was above.  I sponged over the masks in black to imitate the black ribbon.  Then I removed the crossed area and colored that with a pen.  Then I laid the rest of that brown paper (with the hole in it) over my base card.  That’s where this month’s Technique comes in:



I sponged through that hole.  First I sponged in blue:



Then I stamped my images through the hole and then ran my brown pen around the edge of that circle to form another layer for the circle (like the brown one around the central image in the above card).  I removed the brown piece and this is the result:


The only thing this one-layer card doesn’t have that the above card has is the coin in the middle and the two wedges in the upper corners and the extra postage.  The only extra weight to that single piece of paper will be that coin you would attach to the center (mine was out of paper so lighter than metal).

You can use the two colors of the corner notches or use a photo album picture holder piece that is lighter in weight than card stock.  If you purchase white, you can color it with alcohol inks to make it whatever color you are using.  If you wanted to use an image that went outside that circle area, then just stamp the image first, mask it, then place your brown circle over the image with the part outside the hole and begin your work through the hole.  Easy Peasy.

This just shows you that you can do complex layouts and still keep your card under the weight by using die cut or punched images as templates.  I made this card previously using this leftover piece of card stock:


Card I made 5-31-2014 #3

The area where the circle image is was a hole where the pieces fell out so I mounted my image over it (after embossing it first).

So, for July, let’s see what you can make using your die cut or punched image as a template.  Can’t wait to see your cards.  Remember, they don’t have to be a single layer.  That was just an example.

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