January 8, 2010
Lizzie S, founder of OSA

Lizzie S, founder of OSA

A few notes from Lizzie Slothouber, founder of the Oriental Stamp Art group:

“The OSA Group was created because it was generally very difficult to find any ‘Oriental or Asian’ themed stampart around that was suitable for stampart inspiration. I had tried all sources, back then – it wasn’t a popular style. So once the word was out that I had started the group, stampartists of all calibres were joining. It made life so much easier as we were able to discuss techniques, styles, source of Oriental themed products/stamps/accessories. Everyone was so eager to share; soon the gallery & files section were overflowing with inspiration.

Long range dreams:

  • To have a cohesive international group that is sharing and caring, which is managed by a pro-active team who takes ownership of the group.
  • Be renowned for the “on-topic” discussions, Oriental themed commercial advertising that is controlled so that the members’ needs are always of prime concern. The list is there to service the members, not the retailers.
  • Host quality swaps/projects.
  • Members encouraged to share their knowledge and skills to further the understanding of the “oriental/Asian” themed concepts, culture and symbology.

All these dreams were molded due to past experience on other groups – which badly affected the members and thwarted continued membership.

Note: I am very proud to have founded this group. Wisely, as life’s road continues on, I happily handed over the reins to Dr. Annette Warkentin and with her leadership, the OSA Group has gone from strength to strength. Annette has fulfilled all my dreams for the group, unbeknownst to all and for that I owe her a debt of gratitude.