August 2014: Stamping with small stamps

How many of you have purchased over the years the small stamps?  They could be the round pencil-shaped wood-mounted stamps or just small stamps you picked up for very little money that were cute.

I remember when I first started stamping I bought a lot of little ones and once I got them home, I couldn’t think of a thing to do with them because they were too small for a central image on my cards so there they sat.  For years and years.  Last month when we did our Technique Challenge called Using Die Cut or Punched Images as templates, I made a card using small stamps.  They were filler for the background and gave the impression of depth.  Here is that card:




This month’s Technique Challenge is to pull out your small stamps and use them repetitively on your card to create depth, images, and whatever your imagination allows.   Can’t wait to see your cards.



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