November 2013: Stamping-off

Last month I listed the previous Challenges we did and I’m going to do that again.  You can always go to them and make your card belatedly.  Just e-mail me to let me know you added a card so I can get it to the other OSA site so your friends and family can see your card.

Sponging in April
Watercolor Washes in May
Huffing in June
Rollers (Brayers) in July
Stamping with Acrylic Blocks and Objects in August
Framing in September
Masking in October

So for November, we are going to play with Stamping-off.  Most of the time we ink up that stamp, get it nice and juicy and hopefully plant it where we want it on our card stock without wiggling it and blurring the image.  Then we ink it up totally again and stamp again.  But there is still ink on that stamp that can give you a wonderful effect on your card like Annette W. did on her example below.  She so kindly gave me instructions to share with you on how she did her card.  She used three different colors and stamped 3 times with each other but only inked up once:

1.  Stipple white cardstock with the three colors used for your image.  (Stipple: pounce a paint brush or sponge up and down on the cardstock).
2.  Stamp the image in the lightest color first.
3.  Huff (as you would on glasses when cleaning them) and stamp the image again and again until there is no more ink on the stamp.
4.  Stamp the image again in another color (darker that the first color), offset a bit from the first image, and repeat the huffing.
5.  Stamp the image again in another color (darker than the last color), offset a bit from the previous image, huff and stamp until there is no more ink on the stamp.

In Annette’s example, there is one apple stamp stamped three times boldly in yellow, green and red.  The huffing and re-stamping gives muted outlines of the image without being too busy.  She chose to use a green marker for the leaf and colored in the negative areas with a lighter Marvy felt marker.  Here is Annette’s example card:

Annette W.

Annette W.

Thank you very much, Annette, for your example and instructions.  And, another wonderful Oriental Stamp Art member, Lindsay W. made a great video showing how she made a card using the stamping-off technique:

So please go there to see her wonderful video.

Do you own a Mirror stamp?  For you “newbies”, that’s basically a blank piece of rubber.  It’s purpose is to stamp your image on the blank rubber and then transfer it to your card so you can have a horses head facing one way and then do it with the Mirror stamp and have it face the other direction.  Saves buying two horse heads facing opposite directions or not being able to use it because it faces the wrong way for your card.

It’s great with butterfly stamps as well when the butterfly is flying with it’s wings closed.  The one fallacy I found with the mirror stamp is the image is lighter than if you stamped it directly onto your paper.  So to remedy that, before you stamp your first image straight from the stamp, ink it up, stamp-off once onto typing paper (or another piece of cardstock to use another time) and then stamp it on your piece of cardstock.  It will be a little lighter than normal but will match perfectly for the next step which is to ink your stamp, stamp it onto the Mirror stamp, and then stamp that on your cardstock so you have the horse facing in two directions.

Here’s an example of what I mean.  First I inked up the image and stamped it on typing paper straight from the stamp.

Image stamped on typing paper

Image stamped on typing paper from stamp

Then I stamped it on the Mirror stamp:

Image stamped on Mirror Stamp

Image stamped on Mirror Stamp

and stamped it next to the first image:

Stamped next to first image

Stamped next to first image

You need to be careful on the flat rubber or your stamp will move a little as mine did above but you can see the one stamped directly onto the paper is much darker.  So if you stamp-off once and then stamp on the paper, they will be the same shade as you see below:

Mirror image next to stamped-off image

Mirror image next to stamped-off image

You can do that with any stamp you have if you want it from a different angle.

So go out there and play with this month’s November Technique Challenge – Stamping-off.

If you don’t have a Mirror Stamp and would love one, just go to the hardware store that sells gromet rubber (comes in a 3 x 5″ sheet) and mount it on foam and wood or on the acrylic foam and use it with your acrylic blocks.

If you find a packet of more than one sheet of gromet rubber, you can cut it into strips and use it to emboss frames around your card – but that is another challenge for another day……

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