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Sally G.Sally G.

INKrëdibly R.T.

Back in 2000 a friend inspired me back to stamping by borrowing my stamp collection. I had purchased my small stamping kit a couple of years earlier, hooked of course by the Embossing powder demo by the Star fish lane girls.
A few months passed and she sent back my kit with a few cards and I was very impressed but the stamps and kit still went back in the cupboard, my inspiration not quite quenched enough for me to try my hand at it again.

Then it happened. My friend came and stayed for an Easter break not long after attending a stamp camp. As she poured out her wonderful creative wares onto the coffee table it hit me! I was in awe of her work. It was the oriental styled hand bag card that did it for me the most, I couldn’t get it out of my hand. I decided this was it, I NEED to stamp. I received a handbag card by her in the post not long after that and it was all I needed to duplicate the pattern and create my very own masterpiece!

I made so many handbag cards I could have opened a shop with them. Around this time I joined a local stamp class and learned the basic techniques of Stamping. The group sent a submission into Stamping and Papercraft in Australia, and all the Purple Heart cards were published mine included, my Ego was primed and my confidence high. Entering a Tag Art competition with an Asian style piece, I received a phone call asking if I would like to add to the tag with other Asian themed work and have a full page published, Duh!! Does a duck like water? I jumped for joy more than once I can tell you, finding it hard to get my head through the craft room doorway, I started teaching kids and dropping from my training classes I found my stamping taking on a more artful swing more than just card making, I found Altered books and collage were also creeping into my life along with an addiction to the internet, swaps and journal making and a passion for my Oriental themed work.

Here I am today with my little mail order business Inkrëdibly R.T. run from my sea side studio in Busselton, Western Australia. The occasional published artwork, teaching all ages, all techniques and making my own Polymer stamp range, a catalogue to be released by Christmas this year and an online group site to manage. All made possible by the support of my wonderful mum Cecilie as I also have three children and couldn’t do any of it without her help.

Artful stamping has taken over my whole house and reports of actually seeing me doing something else have been rumored but I wouldn’t believe all you hear. Hope you enjoyed my story.

Hugs SallyG

Please visit my OSA Gallery!

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Sandra G.

I have been creating ‘commercial’ greeting cards for a few years, so of course I love cutting, scrapping, layering and embellishing using various colors, patterns, and textures for collages and assemblages.

Since joining OSA, I’ve been introduced to many new stamping techniques, so my favorite technique changes each time I experiment with another technique. . .love them all so far!

I retired in 2003 to become a full time caretaker for my mother. . .I started creating cards and other graphic designs. . .now I continue to keep myself busy with my photography, designing and of course my association with OSA.

Charlie and I have been together since 1989 and currently reside in Champions, Houston, Texas. . .we share our home with our three kittens, Trixie 15 (tabby Maine Coon), Aussie 13 (Burmese) and Mollie 9 (American Shorthair). This year, Charlie is celebrating 30 years with Tennessee Gas Pipeline. We love our home and our family and feel very blessed to have a wonderful life!!

Please visit my OSA Gallery! Sandy C.
Computer Guru, OSA ModeratorSandy C.

How did you get started?
I had been collecting stamps for a number of years but never seriously started stamping until around April 1999 when I took a basic stamping class. In the basic stamping class I learned that you can’t emboss with dye ink (that’s why my embossing never turned out good!) and other little tips. Now I have acquired stamps and supplies to equal what you would find in any stamp store (so my husband says). I love participating in card swaps and think deep down inside everyone is a stamper.

Please visit my OSA Gallery! Sandy N.
Sandy C.

I was born in Richmond Indiana on October 20th, 1940 which makes me 68. I was raised around the Washington DC area and lived in the Tampa Bay area for 15 years. We moved to Peachtree City Georgia in 1975 and when I remarried, moved to Locust Grove Georgia (35 miles south of Atlanta). I have two terrific children – Mark (47) and Lauri (44) from a previous marriage. My grandson Evan (Mark’s son) is 17 and my granddaughter Grace (Lauri’s daughter) is 5. They have brought me much joy. I have been married to my current husband since 1997; he has three daughters, 6 grandchildren and three great grandchildren so our family is pretty big. He is a Mr. Fixit and is currently working on a craftroom for me in his new workshop. Cannot wait until it is finished. The other occupant of my home is my precious miniature Schnauzer Chase – he is our baby and knows it.

I was introduced to stamping just before I retired in 2002. I had seen it demonstrated on the Carol Duval Show and was intrigued. One of the girls I worked with received a pamphlet advertising a stamp class – that was the beginning of a creative journey that I still love. I have met many wonderful girls. I belong to two stamp clubs and OSA. My Dad was an artist but I can’t draw a straight line but, I can stamp and create around that stamp. I have taken many classes and learned many techniques

I am a knitter and enjoy working with polymer clay to enhance my artwork Enjoy cooking and entertaining. But, my favorite pasttime is stamping – I have never tired of it. Right now, my craftroom is jammed pack but when I move into my new “studio” I will be much more organized (LOL).Please visit my OSA Gallery!

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Sharon B.

About myself,Sharon B. I am new to stamping only about 2 years and love it. I have 3 children I adopted from China who have truly cemented my serious love affair with Asian culture. Tonight I was playing with the polished stone technique and have very colorful hands which will be quite interesting to explain tomorrow at work. I am self employed as a Chiropractor (nearly 25 years in practice) and a single Mom. I really have no excuse for not bringing home latex gloves!! I started card making with Stampin Up as a way to get out of the house once a month. It didn’t take long for the crafter in me to be hooked. I am afraid I will be as addicted to stamps and papers as I already am to fabric. Hmmm a bigger house for storage! My house is always in constant motion between the kids and my wild and crazy chocolate labrador.

Please visit my OSA Gallery!

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Sharon “Harry” S.Sharon S.

Hi, my name is Sharon Solly, but online my nickname is Harry. I am a divorced mother of 4 kids (20, 17, 15, and 9) and am an altered stampaholic! I have been stamping for going on 6 years now and love every minute of it. As usual, I started down this road by a home party held by one of my young employees’ mother which eventually led me to here! We live in the beautiful Western mountains of North Carolina with the lords of our house, YumYum and Koko. Two very spoilt cats.

My favorite kind of stamping to do is altered anything. I love to create art from things that might otherwise be thrown away. What is funny about altering things is that once you get on that path, you start to really see things differently. Some of the more unusual things I have altered are a triptych shrine made from a 2 liter soda bottle and a purse made from a hair dye box.

At the moment, the only ‘day job’ I have is creating art for the Creative Cards Newsletter with my buddy Trish Bayley, art to sell, and teaching online at

The last job I had hurt my back so now I cannot work like I used to. The best thing I have though are my kids as they are very supportive of my art, which is good really because I torture them constantly with every new item I make.

I think my favorite techniques to use most are D.T.P. with dye ink and a sponge as well as Collaging torn paper onto things (Mod Podge is my best friend, LOL) and I tend to use script type stamps a lot. My other habit is quotes and alphabets. You can never have too many quotes I feel.

When I am not creating stamped art, I like to read, see movies, cook and hang out with the kids. I grew up in our family owned bakery in Charleston, S.C. so baking/cooking is one of those things that come naturally to me. I have worked in many restaurants here and even ran a catering company for 5 years as well. I do think though that this past two years I have spent creating when I wanted to has been the best time for me. I hope you all get a chance to create something each day. It really does help make life more enjoyable!

Please visit my OSA Gallery and my Picturetrail album! Sissy G.
Sissy all dressed up

I’ve been into crafts since I was old enough to hold a needle–embroidery, crochet, knitting, rug hooking. I frequented the local craft stores and saw stamps for several years, but wasn’t very interested. They seemed to be mostly about thank you cards and invitations to parties, that type of thing. Somewhere along the way I did develop an interest in paper arts, like book making, paper making, etc. Then about ten years ago my sister and her husband built a new house. Her new neighbor was a Creative Memories Consultant and my sister started scrapbooking. Before long, she had me interested in scrapbooking. I looked in the phone book and found out we had a scrapbooking store in our town and had to make a trip. Well, the scrapbooking store was half scrapbooking and half rubber stamping (The Rubber Stamp Lady, Huntsville, AL). I walked into a world of rubber stamping that I had never seen before. Here were artsy rubber stamps that I could use in my artwork. So I decided to buy ONE! That was the beginning of a new love affair, aka a very serious rubber stamp addiction. I even began to work at the shop part time on weekends and sometimes weeknights to help support my habit.

By day, I was working as the Lead Scientific Editor/Writer for Technical Publications for Marshall Space Flight Center. Then about three years ago I developed a condition that quickly led to my filing for disability, and that’s where I am now. However, I have improved enough to still be able to enjoy stamping and scrapbooking and a lot of my other activities like knitting and spinning. I hold a once-a-month rubber stamping workshop in the community center of the small town I live in, and I love introducing people to this wonderful whacky world of rubber stamping. My favorite genre happens to be Asian/Oriental; therefore, my involvement with the Oriental Stamp Art Group.

Sissy relaxed

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Moderator, AS list
E-mail Sonia  E.

Stamping for how long?
Two and a half years

How did you get started?
A college sorority sister invited me to a Stampin’ UP party. I only bought one stamp set and never opened the box nor put the set together. The following year she invited me again and again I bought one stamp set and didn’t do anything with it. A few months later she had a college sorority alumnae get together where we did stamping and something just clicked! I started taking classes at a local stamping store. I’ve been stamping as a hobby since 2001. A month later I found OSA online and joined.

What are your favorite things about stamping?
I really like to try any new technique that is not too complicated nor time consuming. Any technique I use has to be something I start and can easily leave to come back at a later time. I would love to develop more my collage artwork.

I have been teaching for 27 years. Currently, I am a full time sixth grade teacher at the elementary level.

Please visit my Picturetrail Album and my OSA Gallery!

Sonja I.

I have lived my entire 43 years from birth to the present in Canada and have been stamping about 16 or so years now.

I first got into stamping when I went with my husband & first daughter (1 year old at the time) along with my parents to the US to do some “Christmas” shopping. There was a trade show where we went to (Minot, ND) and saw stamps and related items at one of the booths. I picked some up along with a few stamp pads and embossing powders to take home with me. I made a few cards when I got home and was immediately hooked into stamping! The next summer I taught my first class in rubber stamping to a group of 30 or so ladies through my church group and still teach occasional classes to this day….I’ve come a loooong way baby since those “old school” stamping days! LOL!

I would say my favourite things about stamping are:
…trying out new techniques and products out on the market.
*I love my Japanese Screw punch and my “Score it” tools!!
*my most favourite technique right now is Paper Perfect Adhesive with Pearlex and Web Spray background and Polished Stone technique
…getting published…although it’s only been a couple of times and that’s only because I’ve only sent my artwork in to magazines a couple of times lol!
…hosting and participating in swaps (one can get inspired by other people’s work)
…Teaching!!! I love to teach classes and watch other’s build their art! There’s such satisfaction in seeing other people make something that you’ve wanted to share!!

Other information about me:
I am married to a very patient and wonderful man of 20 years and we have 4 daughters (he’d HAVE to be patient! LOL!) ages 17, 15, 14 & 12. Gosh, even our Springer/Cocker dog is a female….

I trained and worked as a Pediatric RN for almost 10 years, and then became a SAHM while my 4 girls have been growing up. I have always been a “crafter” of sorts since I was a child, doing things from crocheting, knitting, cross stitch work and then became more of a rubber stamper and paper crafter once I became a SAHM. I became intrigued with my husband’s old books and loved the paper that was on the fly leaves and started to “dabble” in paper marbling. I then established my own “cottage” business in paper marbling 1999 and still sell it on the internet. I decided this past year that in order to keep my art “hobby” going and have a means to pay for it I had to seek employment in the “real” world once again! Now I am working as a “supply” teacher’s aide for our city’s public school board.

I’ve always been fascinated with Asian culture/art and started stamping more with an Asian theme the past 3 years or so. In fact, most of my artwork revolves around it, thus I’ve been named the “Oriental Queen” in our local stamp club! I think I am also the only one in the club that is not “folding challenged” when it comes to origami! LOL!

Please visit my OSA Gallery!

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Co-Moderator, ACE

I’ve been stamping for about 16 years, I don’t know exactly. I do recall the days of stamping with my son as a little one, he’s 19 now. I used to buy him the children’s self inking stamps and we’d create together. Then went on to the ANM stamps with Disney and Mary Engelbriet stamps and an office stamp pad!

I’m an Air Force wife of 20 years! We move quite a bit. Each move is filled with new experiences and new friends! Every move seems to come closer and closer too. I love the challenge of scooping out new stamping grounds! This move to HI I’ve hit a GOLD mine of stamping friends! The aloha spirit is amazing! Okay, and I live in Paradise, what more could I ask for? I really love stamping and the challenges of creating new things. Also I love to look at the smiles and intrigue on people’s faces. I discovered OSA from one of my dearest pen pals, Nancy Rhodes. She sent me a couple Asian cards and hooked me!

Please visit my OSA gallery! Sue F.
Co-Moderator, ACE (Asian Card Exchange)Sue F.

I’ve been married almost 30 years (in September) to Joe. We have two sons, Matt, 29, who lives in Florida with his new wife, and Andrew, 24, who still lives with us. Joe was in the Air Force for 20 years and retired in 1994. While in service, we were stationed at Yokota Air Base, Japan for three years. That’s where I fell in love with all things oriental. And our home reflects that in artwork and treasures that we picked up over there.

I’ve been stamping about seven years. A friend of mine came to visit me while I was still in California and we went to a couple of stamp stores, including one that some of you might have heard of – Posh Impressions. At the time, it was only a few blocks away from our home. This friend, Peggy, was one I met in Japan as her husband was also in the Air Force and stationed at Yokota. Would you believe they live about seven miles from us! They have been here about ten years. Joe stayed with them for 17 months until Andrew and I moved out here after he graduated from high school. It
really is a small world! Peggy and I still get together and go crafting when we can.

Currently, I do not work outside the home. I did work at a florist when we lived in Florida and also an interior landscaping company where I did the silk arrangements as needed for various restaurants, banks, hotels and other businesses in the Tampa area. One of these days, I’d like to go to some of the places and see if they’ve changed the things!

When I’m not stamping, you can usually find knitting needles in my hands. A few years ago, another friend of mine got me started knitting socks. I think there’s enough yarn stashed away to make a few dozen pairs of toe warmers. I also do lots of other crafts such as cross stitch, needlepoint and crochet.

I find stamping to be a wonderful creative outlet. I’m hoping to combine it with sumi-e once I get out my ink and brushes for practice. It’s one of the classes I took in Japan, along with ikebana. I’ve been using some of the washi I brought back in my cards. I just realized that it’s taken me 20 years to let go of some! Gee, it’s almost an antique!

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Sue M. aka Sujemi

Please visit my OSA gallery!

Tammy H.

Please visit my OSA gallery! Terri K.
Hostess, OSA Deco Group
Moderator, ATC Swap
Terri K.

I’ve been a stamper since the late 1980’s, but I was more of a “collector” than a “stamper”. I credit OSA for getting me to dust off my stamps and start stamping again. I don’t know how I originally found this group, but I am so thankful to be a part of this wonderful group and for all the great friends I have made.

I am a native Southern Californian (but most of my relatives all live in Hawaii), and I currently live in San Diego County. I am single, but I have two four-legged “kids”, my cat Miki and my dog Mika. I work full-time in a very non-creative profession, but I have a lot of creative interests. Besides stamping, I enjoy scrapping, book making, art journaling, mixed media, jewelry making, and quilting. My favorite non-arty activities include reading and sports (watching and doing).

Please visit my OSA Gallery!

Terri S.Terri S.

I have been stamping since 2002. At first I used my stamps to decorate the envelopes of store-bought cards. Back then I kept all my stamps in a shoebox! How funny! Now I need an entire room to store my stamps! I attended the very first stamp convention that came to Pittsburgh and went wild! Ever since then I make all my cards. I studied art and photography my entire life and worked in all mediums. I find rubber stamping to be a wonderful way to express my creativity. Cards are a great and easy way to share your work with others. My sister who is also an artist was always interested in Asian art so I picked it up from her. I also work for a Japanese company.

I enjoy working with color, color, color. I like using embossing tinsel, glitter and ribbon! I love Japanese papers and origami! My favorite technique is spotlight cards. I find stamping to be extremely relaxing.

I live in Pittsburgh, PA with my husband, Michael and my two cats, Shamrock & Dublin. Yes, I’m Irish so I guess my cats are Irish too! When I’m not stamping my husband and I enjoy traveling. I always make sure to look up the local stamp store no matter where I travel.

Please visit my OSA gallery! Tina S.
Co-hostess, OSA Deco Group

I started stamping about 4 years ago after the birth of my youngest son and came to it via scrapbooking; I haven’t looked back since and can honestly say that stamping and all its accompanying ephemera has seen me through some pretty tough stages of my life; I have made some wonderful friendships as a result of my love for the paperarts and my life is better for it. I am currently living in London with my 2 boys on a sabbatical but plan on returning to hubby in Virgina Beach as soon as it is done. I am drawn to all things Asian and am quite fascinated with the whole asian culture. My dream is to visit Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Japan; hopefully I can
fufill this dream in the near future.

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Tricia T.

Please visit my OSA gallery!

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