Layout Challenge #358

The Layout

This week will be a colour challenge: Green and Gold.

Why green and gold? Well that is because on Tuesday, it is Australia Day and green and gold are the colours of Australia’s national floral emblem: the golden wattle.  It also means that I’m having a day off work !

And deriving from this, I have a few other colour challenges in mind, that relate to us as a group or to Asian countries. The next one will be in April…

The constraints for this layout are:

  • The 2 main colours have to be  green and gold (you can also have a neutral colour such as white, cream, black but nothing such as red or blue),
  • An oriental image,
  • A stamped image.




Let’s see what you can do with this one. The deadline is Sunday 31 January.

Remember, your card design must be oriental in nature. There must be at least one stamped item on your card.
E-mail your card to the group and don’t forget to let me know just in case I’d miss your art. Come back later this week to see who has taken the challenge.


The participants

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