Layout Challenge #363

Folded Layer Challenge #363


  1. A2 card, plain color for background (4.25” x 5.5” landscape or portrait)

  2. Decorative paper 3.85” x 5.25” approximately

  3. Rectangular strip 2.5” x 3.5” approximately

  4. 3 beads, sequins, punched dies

  5. 1 or more Oriental rubber stamps

  6. Inks of your choice

  7. Die cut inclusion (example is the punched butterfly)

  8. 2 Kanji Stamped triangles to accent the two folded areas*

    *Stamp a rectangle, then cut diagonally to create the 2 triangles.


  1. Fold a sheet of 8.5” x 5.5” cardstock in half to create an A2 card.
  2. Cut decorative paper (#2 above) at the midpoint from the right edge 1.5”-2.5” horizontally and parallel to the bottom of the paper.

  3. Fold the triangles as shown. Do NOT glue down the folded triangles yet. Adhere to decorative paper the card front as shown.
  4. Stamp #8 above and glue to the folded triangles.
  5. Stamp #3 above and adhere as shown.

  6. Punch a die cut and glue to the rectangle.

  7. Add 3 vertical or horizontal beads, jewels, brads, buttons or…as shown.

  8. Sign your work and/or add a watermark.


    Send your creation to and cc (carbon copy) it to Rosemary and Annette. 


    Watch to see if you are this week’s winner of a prize package from our OSA Elite Vendors.


Layout #363 a

Challenge #363


The Participants:


Layout #363

Annette W



Chris B


Mary R

Mary R


Monica H

Monica H


Carolyn S

Carolyn S

Barb I

Barb I

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Wendy M



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