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Maggi G.

I have been stamping for about seven years – I can hardly remember not playing withMaggi G.

I don’t really know where my interest in Oriental art began. My husband and I have purchased some Oriental items over the last 30 years, and now, with the addition in
October of 2003 of our granddaughter Kada who was born in China, our interest in the culture has intensified.

Other bio bits: I have been married 38 years, have two adult married sons, am a retired teacher (still teaching a grad class), and live in Wisconsin where there are a number of OSA members. Many thanks to Sonia Evans for encouraging me to join and to all of you who have been so helpful.

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Marg B.

Stamping for how long?
I have been stamping for about eleven years but seriously for four.

How did you get started?
I found a discounted boxed set with a Christmas cube, some embossing powder and a red embossing pad. I thought it would be a good cheap way to make my gift tags! I enjoyed it so much that not long after I took my first class. Every now and then I would take another class and make a few cards but I wasn’t seriously involved until I joined my first Yahoo group. It very quickly became a passion and I realised it was not a cheap way to achieve anything but an art in its own right.

What are your favourite things about stamping?
I love to create but can’t draw at all. Stamping gives me the opportunity to express myself artistically without having to rely on drawing. I have been involved with other crafts but love the quicker gratification that comes with being able to produce something beautiful within a short period of time. Stamping is my favourite bar none stress reducer and I easily “lose” hours at a time on weekends, playing around with techniques, completing swaps etc. What I have also found to be an added bonus, is the friendships to made with like minded people from around the world, so that when we meet it is often like meeting an old friend.

I love to “play” with stamps, paper, clay etc and making backgrounds is a particular passion. I tend to prefer arty/oriental designs. Non Sequitur, Oxford Impressions and Bella Rosa are among my favourite companies as I largely only buy unmounteds these days. My favourite mags are Expressions and The Rubber Gazette (Aussie mag). Embellishments are another passion and my faves are polymer clay and shrink plastic. I have started making polymer jewellery and really enjoy combining the stamping with all the things that can be done with the clay.

I enjoy experimentation and tend to flit from one project to another so making lots of cards or pages for a swap feels like hard work to me, though I will persevere from time to time because its great to get inspiration from other people’s work.

I am an Aussie and the sole parent of Ben, a 19 y.o. student of furniture design and production. I am currently the principal of a secondary school but intend to retire in October. Though I may have to do some part-time work in education in order to make ends meet, I am hoping I will find something in the art/craft area instead. I can’t wait to have more time in which to create, though I also plan to become more actively involved in social issues either as a volunteer or an activist. I am especially interested in the area of refugees as I am afraid that is one area in which my country (as well as many others) has lost its social conscience. I think to truly appreciate beauty, we must also see it in other people and in our environment. I also look forward to the opportunity to learn more about art and that big wide world out there.

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Marg O.

My interest in paper crafting began ten years ago. Marg O.Making greeting cards with fabric and basic calligraphy was where it all began. Our local college advertised a class in card making so I jumped at this opportunity. The process of heat embossing was taught using the heat of a light bulb. How elementary but how magical it was! From that moment on, I’ve been hooked. This was the beginning of my self-confessed addiction to rubber.

All aspects of stamping fascinate me with the endless variety of techniques that are surfacing almost daily. The introduction of so many new products continues to pique my interest and deplete my bank account.

The Asian theme particularly attracts my interests. I am fortunate enough to live in a community with a high Japanese population. Many of these older Japanese people were interred to this area at the outset of World War II from the Vancouver, British Columbia area. Over the years, they have had an incredible cultural effect on this community and continue to do so. I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in Japanese art classes taught by traditional Japanese artists.

My retired “Mountie” husband and I have comfortably settled back into my birth place in Southern Alberta (Canada). We are blessed to have our two married children and five charming grand children nearby.

Since joining the OSA family in 2006, the opportunity to learn and share with others having the same passion as I has been an incredible joy that I hold most dear.

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Margo S.

I have been stamping since probably 2005 after going to my first stamp party (a DOT party). The lady that did the DOT demonstration then got us all together and had a Stampin Up lady come in to do demos. That lady was replaced by an excellent Stampin’ Up Demonstrator who then went on to open a Rubber Stamp and Scrapping store in Centralia Washington where I go once a month to make cards and buy supplies.

I love to learn any new techniques so look for them wherever I go. I have been collecting stamps and using them as much as I can which isn’t enough.

I have been married for 25 yrs to my wonderful hubby. He retired from the telephone company in 1990 and I followed in 1991 at 43 yrs old. At the telephone company I was a Technical Course Developer for both my local telephone company and for the telephone companies across the nation, working with people from all the “Baby Bells”. My job was to take technical training manuals and convert them from complex information into simple information a student (employee) could understand easily so they could wire and program it. I would go to companies where the equipment was created and watch it work and then create training material from what I saw and what was in the manuals. I would have access to the equipment so I could make sure my material matched the real equipment.

Before making my first card, I was one of those people who tried to paint as a child and only wound up making stick people. I took art in Junior High school where we had to make a paper mache animal. I started with the idea of making a horse but it ended up being a turtle with it’s legs sticking out so I went with that. I’ve tried making heads with mud as a child and carving the faces in it. I’ve tried a class at making pottery from clay (no molds – just the wheel) and after beating myself half to death someone finally came over and told me how to hold my arms so everything would go smoothly. I have my collection of spoon holders from that (nice Christmas gifts). Never did a cup or get a vase going. I took two classes from “Kevin” at Stampscape which was a lot of fun so learned techniques through him.

I just recently bought some Copic markers so am busy learning how to use them.

My favorite stamping item is the old sponges. I love to make my backgrounds using my sponge – even more than stippling.

My favorite reason to stamp is to give my cards to a group in Portland, Oregon who, in turn, send them over to the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan for them to send to their loved ones since there’s no “Hallmark” store over there for them. I used to just stamp them and keep them until the amount of cards I had laying around here was overwhelming so I took out my digital camera, took a picture of each one to remember it by and have as an example, and then off they went. That way, my cards are used to make others feel good. Visit my OSA Gallery!

Marie P.

Jen B. invited me to a Stampin’ Up! demonstration in February 2001. Before that night I had never seen a rubber stamp that wasn’t business related. As the cliché goes – “the rest is history”. While I own over 1500 stamps, I am really a paper and pen addict and enjoy making handmade journals. At present I am taking a calligraphy course and appreciating my computer’s font library more because of the experience!

My husband and I struggle at Japanese landscaping but love the results. Our koi and goldfish are truly scaled pets. Our seven year old son is a nature lover and hiker but can’t do without his videos and books.

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Mary L.

How long have you been stamping? And How did you get started?
I bought some artist stamps about 15 years ago, but didn’t become interested again until 2002. I was laid off from my job, giving me the opportunity to watch Martha Stewart. Some guests demonstrated marbling, paste papers, and making books and she was always making things from paper. This sparked my old interest from college as an art major when I studied bookbinding, decorative papers, and paper arts and which I had revived at various times through the years. In the spring of 2002 I discovered Somerset Studio Magazine and bought a book on creating artist books. A whole new world opened up for me and I decided to devote some serious time to it. All summer I learned as much as I could from books and the Internet and in the fall I attended my first rubber stamp show, went to a book arts event, and took a class in suminagashi (Japanese marbling). I’ve continued to study and learn new techniques-I’ve been to several rubber stamp shows and learned new media such as Pergamano and iris folding. I joined a local artist group and also OSA in June 2004. In 2005 I finally overcame my doubts that my work would be good enough and started participating in swaps and joined the RAK list this year.

Favorite aspects of stamping/items used/reasons to stamp:
I like using washi, origami, glossy card stock and my favorite rubber stamps are by Hero Arts, Custis’ Collection, and Hanko Designs. StazOn and Brilliance inks by Tsukineko and India Ink Black by Stewart Superior are my preferred inks. I consider myself a mixed media artist rather than strictly a rubber stamper, since I often work without using any stamps. I prefer to use whatever medium/technique seems to fit the situation. I try to be faithful to Japanese principles of design. I also enjoy doing altered books.

Since I was a child I was interested in making things and was drawn to Japanese design and culture, although since I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania, I never met a Japanese person until I went to college in Seattle. This lifelong interest, continues. I enjoy Asian art, Japanese TV history dramas (with subtitles), and Japanese festivals. My interest has culminated in the study of Japanese Tea Ceremony, which I have been doing for over 10 years. This is perfect for me as it is really a microcosm of Japanese culture, embodying ceramics, lacquer, bamboo, fabrics, incense, flowers, poetry, calligraphy, sweets, etc. It requires precision movements and is truly a lifelong study.

I’m very involved in the Friends of “R” House, the support group for the historic Victorian, Rengstorff House, in Mountain View, CA. I conducted workshops for authentic Victorian ornaments to decorate two eight feet Christmas trees and on History Day I handle a paper craft table for the kids.

I am married with no children and two formerly homeless kitties I’ve been nurturing.

Day Job Background:
My professional career has varied from teaching one year (Jr. High Arts and Crafts and Art) to project administration and management, and job search skills training. Most recently I was an executive assistant in biotech and high tech startups. I’m planning to return to work as a temp in the near future.

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Maureen T.

Maureen T.

Melanie M.

How did you get started?Melanie M. with Riki
It was 2001 and I was at home with 2 little ones and bored. Looked in local paper for groups and such and joined ‘Stamping’ even though I had NOOOO idea what it involved. The teacher showed me embossing and I was hooked!! My first ever card made was for hubby for our anniversary and well the rest is history 😀

Favorite stamping items?
Well it has to be paper, stamps then inks!!! I do love eyelets and brads and threads too. Also love my deckle scissors – makes my uneven edges look ok lol

Favorite reasons to stamp?
Well to use all the stamps I have manged to have accumulated! Must be breeding in those boxes. Of course also to send RAKS and have something outside of ‘home life’.


Well, I am Indonesian. Married to an Ecuadorian and we have 3 children 5 years old and under! I first came to Australia in ’86 as my mum remarried an Australian. We lived in Japan in ’89-’92 because my (step)dad was a vice consul for the Australian embassy. And thats where my love of the orient started. I was always a paper addict though – used to swap parts of letter sets with my firends in primary school lol

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Millie K.

How I got started: Millie K.
I started stamping about a year ago. My daughter-in-law wanted to make a scrapbook and didn’t know where to start so I signed us up for a beginner’s stamping class. Well about 600 stamps later, I began to suspect that I might be a tad addicted to this whole thing.

Favorite stamping items:
I love everything from the stamp pads and embossing powders to the tassels, charms and fibers. Since I got such a late start on this wonderful addiction, I can’t learn enough about it. I am constantly seeking out new techniques which usually include new items to add to my growing collection.

Favorite reason to stamp:
I am not a very creative person. I have never been able to arrange flowers; I can’t draw or paint very well but put a rubber stamp in my hand and I feel like the Grandma Moses of the Stamp World. Stamping brings you into a whole new wonderful world of peace and contentment. It introduces you to new people from all walks of life who share a common bond with you. To create beauty through stamping.

Day job and background:
I am a retired Personnel Management Specialist for the U.S. Government. I
dealt mainly in Employee and Labor Relations. It was a very stressful and difficult job. I like the titles I have now much better: Mother, Grandmother, Mother-In-Law and Friend.

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Min L.

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Minda O.

Q. How long have you been stamping?
Minda O.
A. Only a year, really. Have had some materials, but never did very much til this past year.

Q. How did you get started?
A. My sister, Jeanne, and niece, Robin, both extremely talented people in all sorts of arts and needlework, encouraged me to try rubber stamping. Every time I went home to Boston (I live in Nova Scotia, Canada), Jeannie and Robin would buy me various pieces of equipment and stamps – “You need a paper cutter – you need a heat gun – you need a brayer “- and so on. I began amassing an assortment of gear and papers, but didn’t have a clue what to do with them besides stamp them on an index card and color them in with pencil, so nothing much happened. I became friendly with a woman from my swimfit class this past year and we discovered a shared interest in rubber stamping. Frances said, “You are only limited by your imagination”, to which I responded, “The problem is, my imagination is limited!” But having found OSA, I am learning!

Q. Favourite reasons to stamp
A. This is such a newfound outlet for me – I love learning new things, I love colour, and have discovered a passion for Asian themed art. I have no art background whatsoever. Most of all, I love sharing my efforts with family and friends, and making new friends through my membership in OSA.

Personal stuff
I was a clinical audiologist in my previous incarnation, and was recruited to Nova Scotia about 28 years ago to run a mobile audiology clinic around the province. After spending almost two years travelling around the province, I was brought into the main clinic in Halifax. I took a photography class, and married the teacher! So now this Boston Yankee is an honorary Nova Scotian, living in Lawrencetown Beach, east of Halifax with my husband of 21 years and beloved collie, Chloe. Bernie is very supportive of my efforts, and has become quite involved. He helps with all sorts of things, including drawing grasses with gold pen!

Bernie is Dad and I am StepMum to son Christopher and daughter Karen, who has made us first time grandparents of a beautiful baby girl, Brooke Elizabeth, on December 30, 2005!

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Miriam N .
Miriam N.

Stamping how long: I’ve been stamping since July 2005. I’ve been into many types of art all my life but never knew the possibilities of stamping and thought the stamps were too expensive for what you got. Little did I know!!!!

How did I get started? I was in an art supply store in Atlanta and they had a unique selection of stamps and examples of embossing, masking, water coloring, chalks etc. The embossing intrigued me and the amazing ‘artsy’ stamps were so unique so I bought a few items and got started on my own. I’d been scrapbooking for about a year so I had been exposed to some stamping. I joined the Rubber Stamping Club at the art store and took a bunch of classes at a rubber stamping store and now I am obsessed!

Favorite techniques: Definitely embossing and stamping on patterned paper. Coloring in the lines with pencils, markers, TwinklingH2O’s etc. takes me back to my childhood coloring book days.

Background: I have never been married and don’t have any kids, just 2 cute kitties, JoJo and Shadow. I’m 43 and live in Atlanta, Georgia. I have 5 sisters and most of my family lives in Atlanta. I’ve worked for a software company for over 18 years and I’m in consulting operations. I love to garden and have transformed my backyard into a hydrangea heaven with over 100 hydrangeas along with hostas and Japanese maples. I also make jewelry and pottery and have my own kiln and wheel.

I stumbled onto the OSA website looking for iris folding templates and thought the cards in the gallery were so unique and beautiful.

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Nancy C.
Co-moderator, OSA GamesNancy C.

My name is Nancy Cotton and I am addicted to stamping. LOL I have stamped for about 8 years… started with a Calligraphy class where I met three other ladies who wanted not only to be able to write beautifully but also make the rest of the card… and that is how it began. I have just gotten into Iris folding and I love that too… add a nice punch and verse… perfect.

I retired as an executive secretary 15 years ago from Caterpillar (that big yellow off-highway equipment along construction sites)… after 32 years… I was ready.

We lived in IL and once we both retired… we moved to sunny Florida (12 years ago) and I love it here. What could be better than three seasons… beaches 5 miles away, golf anytime, walk the beaches anytime, Disney 2 hours away… okay, okay… I DO miss the snow on Christmas Day. LOL

We’ve been married 24 years and together we have 5 grown children (49 to 40) and 6 grandchildren (20 to 3) who live in IL and CA… so far away. That is my only regret moving to Florida. I miss those little ones…

Stamping keeps me busy… makes me happy… fills my life with a feeling of accomplishment.

Please see my OSA Gallery!

Nancy M.
Co-moderator RAK ListNancy M.

Stamping for how long?
3 years

How did you get started?
Use to belong to Club Scrap and they include a stamp in their monthly kits. Was inspired by the work other members did with stamps and began to use mine.

What are your favorite things about stamping? Materials, techniques, emotions, stress-reducer….
Keeps my mind challenged…by envisioning and then breaking it down to steps and figuring solutions. It’s one of the few things where there’s no correct answer, no one right way of doing it. Love the endless possibilities. Enjoy sharing and learning new techniques.

Background in food science. Now a SAHM of four kids 5 and under.

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Nancy S.Nancy S.

How did you get started?
Like most addicted stampers, I also went to a Stampin’ Up party. That was over 12 years ago and the one thing I remember about the party was my girlfriend saying “You must be careful! This hobby is addicting!”. Of course I did not listen and now this hobby is full blown. :-)) But I love it and it keeps me occupied and challenged and away from the mundane things in life. This hobby is wonderful, always full of new promises, new ideas, new people.

Favorite stamping items?
My new love is papers. To be honest, I have not yet created very much Asian art. Recently I have gotten some Asian unmounted sheets and I am really looking forward to trying them. I have Yuzen papers and oh my, how wonderful are these to work with! My favorite stamping item is my paper cutters. Measure and cut, measure and cut, what could be more fun!

Favorite reasons to stamp?

My favorite place is at my stamping table. At my side is a tape/cd player and a favorite novel to listen to as I work (if you can call it work). Here I am happy and not thinking about daily problems or stresses. I am thinking of beauty, art, and my project.

Day Job/Background?
I am still working but looking forward to retirement and full time stamp/art/crafting. My job is in computers and also accounting. I work for a small manufacturing company and wear many hats and love my work. My title is IS Coordinator, but I do a variety of things including Accounting (Billing, AP, etc.), answer phones, backup the different areas in the company, even work on the shop floor if necessary. It is fun and I make a decent living and am able to support my stamping addiction!

Personal: Married with three grown children, three sons. They all are married and each one has two children. I am proud of my three sons and their wives, and my six grandchildren. My D husband is with me, a great friend to me and has been for 39 years. He is also still working but looking forward to retirement.

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Natalie B.

Hi my name is Natalie B. and I live in Western Australia. I am very much addicted to stamping and all that it involves. I find myself drawn especially to Oriental work. I hope you get as much enjoyment and inspiration from these albums as I do.

Please visit my OSA Gallery!

Nicky B.
Owner, Two Paper CranesNicki B.

Originally from Scotland, I’ve been living and working in Japan for over 15 years. I’m married to a Japanese man who luckily is very understanding of my need to bring back a suitcase full of stamps every time we visit my family, and we have one daughter.

I started stamping over 3 years ago during a 6 month stay in Scotland. I’ve always enjoyed art and, looking for some way to pass the time while my daughter was at school, I stumbled across a stamping/card making class at a local craft shop. I was hooked – and I haven’t bought a card since!

Please see my OSA Gallery!

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Norah H.

Please see my OSA Gallery!

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