December 2015 – Using Score Lines On Your Card

As I said last month, I was going to make the November and December Technique Challenges easy since these are the busy times. I thought for this month we can learn to use score lines on our cards. I don’t mean the score lines to fold the card in half or the score lines to fold the card in intricate folds. I mean the score lines just for decoration.

I’m sure you’ve seen others do some scoring on their cards. It definitely adds a little something extra.

I’ve gathered some videos and ideas for you to watch to learn different kinds of scoring that you can do. I hope it inspires you to give some of them a try or to come up with something unique to you.

On that one, just click on the “X” if the window opens to ask you to join. You don’t have to join to see the tutorial for this pattern of making grid lines on your card by scoring.

Here’s one that has you do 2 horizontal and 2 vertical scoring lines to create a pattern:

On this next link from Martha Stewart, the 4th, 5th, and 6th pictures down show some interesting ideas for scoring on your cards:

On this next link, the 6th through 8th pictures have some very wonderful ideas as well:

For the video above, she does a frame around her image using her scoring tool.

So please check them out, see if one of them inspires you, and use it on a card. Remember to include something Asian on your card.

Can’t wait to see what you create.

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