March 2011: Minda O.-T.

Haiku Bunny Scroll

By Minda O-T., assisted by Bernie, the brawn behind the brains.
He helped with all the cutting, actually doing all the cutting.
Artistic conception by Minda, physical execution
with the great help of my dearest husband, Bernie.

How long have you been stamping?

About six years now.

What is your favorite technique?

My very most favourite technique is the one I happen to be working on, and that works for me.  I like heat embossing, making alcohol ink backgrounds (which I don’t do often enough), and most recently, using GlitterRitz microbeads with extraordinarily sticky double sided tape.

Favorite stamp company?

Many favourite companies, among them About Art Accents, OnyxXpressions, Penny Black Brushstroke images, Stone House Stamps.

Favorite Asian stamps?

I like all nature, both flora and fauna.  I love all birds, and have a special fondness for cranes and herons.  As I browse through my stamp collection, I find I have many, many flowers of all descriptions – they are all beautiful.  I also like pandas, dragons, koi fish and much more.  Geishas are always beautiful, too, aren’t they!

Favorite stamping accessory?

I can’t function with only one accessory.  My essentials are my OTT lights, and magnifiers, so I can see what I am doing, my paper cutter, and double stick tape. Of course, we would all be “nowheresville” without a goodly selection of images to use for various occasions, seasons and reasons, wouldn’t we !

Favorite colors?

I think I like all colours. I love red, black, and gold together.  I love black with just about  everything.  I love all jewel tones, but am also drawn to using a variety of neutral colours, too.

Your favorite embellishment to finish a card?

I like to use some washi paper to give the work some pop, also a bit of ribbon, or Asian coins. I also love peeloffs.

What is the one tool you couldn’t live without?

couldn’t do anything without my OTT Lights and Magnifiers.  These tools enable me to see, to work, to do most everything.  Without them, I would probably be unable to stamp at all.  So, now that they are an integral part of my life,   the other tool I couldn’t do without is my paper cutter – I have put a Genesis Trimmer on my dream wish list now!

Any helpful tips for the group?

Join swaps and mingles.  Take classes locally if possible.  I like classes where I can learn new techniques  — not just make pretty cards.  I don’t really care if there is a pretty card or not at the end of the class if I have learned a new technique.  Another good thing to do would be to take part in the layout and theme challenges if time permits.  All these things provide a specific focus for a specific project, which is good discipline.

As a member of OSA why do you like stamping in the Oriental theme?

I love the elegant simplicity of classical Asian art.

Is there any one place or city you’d like to visit to find rubber stamps?

I’d love to attend a CHA convention in California, or barring that, a Carson Convention.  I would also love to visit Portland, Oregon, where there is a very active Asian cultural community.

What other stamping lists or local clubs do you belong to?

There are no local clubs in this area, and OSA is my main stamping list.  I do also belong to RangerLink, which is devoted to discussing Ranger products and techniques for using them.

What favorite stamping magazines would you recommend?

Vamp Stamp News and Rubber Stamp Madness, which is not available locally!  Because of my vision impairment, I do not actually subscribe to any magazines.

Published in any magazines? If yes please list.

es!!  I was published in a Dutch magazine a couple of years ago, as a result of swap cards being submitted by Carla van der Mei Stolk.  It still gives me a thrill to think about it, but I must look to see where I stowed that magazine to be able to tell you its name.

Any other hobbies, talents or craft interests?

My hobbies and interests have not changed over time – just my ability to actually do  some of those things. I used to do photography, but cannot see to do that any longer. I have always been an avid reader, and I have not lost my interest in books.  I am trying very hard to make the psychological transition to audio books.  But it is very hard to listen to an audio book when I am busy listening to my music!  If I am down here in my studio,  I have my music going all the time. So I must make the effort to dedicate some time to listening to audio books.  I still love to swim, and am exercising three nights a week locally.  That helps keeps me fit enough to garden in season!

What inspires you to be creative?

The more I think about it, I believe nature is what inspires me most.  I love animals, birds, trees – the whole natural world.  As I have said before, I also love Inuit art, for many of the same reasons I love Asian art – the ability to capture in simple lines the very essence of the animal, bird, or person being portrayed.  And I continue to love geometrics and Piet Mondrian!

Art background?

None whatsoever, I’m afraid.

Have you used any unusual item in your stamping that wasn’t necessarily meant for stamping?

I’ve recently gotten into using old CD disks to make alcohol ink backgrounds, then stamp on a circular piece of wood, and adhere to the CD – I really like doing that!

Any favorite websites you would recommend for inspiration?

The OSA website is my very favourite – the resources section, the classes section, and the technique section are all wonderful, to say nothing of all the art galleries.  Split Coast Stampers is another good one for techniques.  I have heard of Technique Junkies, but have never subscribed.

Do you have a day job when you’re not stamping?

Not any more.  I was a clinical audiologist in a previous incarnation, which is what brought me to Nova Scotia from Boston about 32 years ago now.

Tell us about your family and where you live.

DH Bernie and I recently observed our  twenty-sixth anniversary  and celebrated by taking a belated honeymoon trip to Europe, where we had one of the nicest times of our lives!  We also met three OSA sisters in Rotterdam, Happy Bepie, Nel Brandwyk, and Geke McCulloch.  What great fun!
We  live just east of Halifax, in Lawrencetown, NS with our  three and a half year old Wheaten Terrier, Neville.  We are  fortunate to have a water view on three sides – the Lawrencetown River to the front (east), the Atlantic ocean to the side (south), and the Lawrencetown Inlet, coming in to marshland (wet), which is the  protected Canadian Wildlife Preserve area behind our property, so it  will not be developed , I’m happy to say.
An earlier question asked what inspires me to be creative – this area where we live embodies so much of what inspires me.  I said earlier, “I find this environment to be totally awe-inspiring – to see the forces of nature at work each day – to see the wind, the tides, the sky, the clouds, the birds – to see the pheasants running across the yard – it all feeds my soul!”

With regard to family, DH Bernie is Dad and I am Step-Mom to son Christopher (now 35) and daughter Karen (now 31), and we are grandparents to Brooke, who just celebrated her fifth birthday (December 30th) and started school this year!  And we have a second little girl now, Keira, who just celebrated her second birthday in November.  These two girls are cousins – not sisters, and they are great fun.

All things considered, we feel truly blessed.
Thank you to my OSA family for giving me this opportunity (once again) to share with you.

Haiku Bunny Scroll
By Minda O.-T. (concept) and Bernie T. (execution)
SAM Project, March 2011

Base cardstock – 12” x 12”, cut to 6” x 12”
Light contrasting cardstock cut to 5.5 x 11.5 inches
Next layer coordinating colour cardstock cut to 5 x 11 inches
Several pieces of washi/uzen paper in swirly and complementary patterns
Haiku Bunny Stamp  by Hero Arts (available from the Pedler’s Pack in Beaverton, Oregon, USA)
15” metal ruler
craft knife
double stick tape

When cutting the washi papers, overlap two patterns of the washi paper and cut simultaneously so that the curves are similar.  This will allow them to be mounted in a “tile and grout”, or “jigsaw puzzle” type fashion, with the coordinating cardstock showing through beneath the washi.

When I start making scrolls, I guess I generally start from the bottom:
1.    Cut the dark base cardstock (blue in this case) to 6 inches x 12 inches
2.    Tape the cream coloured or neutral layer (5.5 inches x 11.5 inches) to the base layer, leaving 0.25 inch border all around.
3.     work on placing the cut pieces of washi paper in an attractive pattern on the third layer of card stock, leaving approximately 0.25 inch spaces between pieces.
4.    Stamp Haiku Bunny on cream coloured cardstock and trim to 1/8 inch border all the way around.
5.    Mount the Haiku Bunny on to the randomized washi paper layer.
6.    Tape this panel down to the middle (cream coloured) panel.

Voilà, you should now have a finished scroll ready to affix to a hanging mechanism.  If you make the top border of the base card a little longer, you could punch a hole or two  and hang with decorative fibers.  Another option would be to glue a small dowel to the back of the base card, and attach decorative fiber for hanging.

13 Responses to March 2011: Minda O.-T.

  1. Bonnie Belk says:

    Congratulations, Minda! I’m especially pleased to be sending these words to you. Every organization needs people to be it’s heart, and that’s definitely where I see you in this one. This is an honor that is well-deserved!

  2. Anne says:

    Minda your work is truly inspirational and this piece is absolutely stunning! I have enjoyed reading your bio, I love your work and just want you to know how special you are to us all! Well done, so well deserved!
    Hugs Anne :O)

  3. thefrugalcrafter says:

    congrats Minda, well deserved. You are in inspiration to us all! I love the card amd the lovely curvy papers. Your words are so insiteful and I am so glad you stuf with this craft dispite your eyesight. Enjoy your month as SAM

  4. Carolyn says:

    Minda, I’m so overjoyed to see you featured as March SAM. You are so dedicated to OSA and the members sending RAKS, participating in swaps and mingles and remembering members on special occasions. Your strongest attribute is friendship and the caring that you reflect in all that you do. CONGRATULATIONS.

    PS Thank Bernie for his part in presenting a stunning sample of your art.

  5. Carla says:

    Wowwww….Minda what a wonderful card.
    Congratulations for being the SAM of March 2011.

    The name of the Dutch magazine is Art Specially :o)


  6. Ruth C says:

    Congratulations Minda! Love your card! It is great to see you honored as SAM and hubby too.

  7. Marg O. says:

    Oh, dear Minda, you never cease to amaze! Another personal achievement for you to be so incredibly proud of. The brief biography above gives the reader only a modest peek into the wonderful individual that you truly are. Those few other OSA members that have been blessed with the privilege of actually meeting you will surely attest that you are one exceptional woman. Putting your visual handicap aside and forging ahead to satisfy creative talents is remarkable. As an OSA member, I too will echo the accolades of others already posted. Your project is as incredible as you! May this month of fame give you and Bernie much deserved satisfaction.
    Hugs from Marg

  8. Mary Waspe says:

    Minda .. its great to see you are SAM this month. so deserved and you inspire me to keep going no matter what.when sometimes I feel like crawling into a hole.
    the area you live sounds so beautiful, I would love to see it.
    enjoy your month. Mary xx

  9. Annette ":O) says:

    Minda, this is so delicious! The layers, the coloring, the movement you achieved are all perfect. Do tell Bernie that we approve of his participation. Thank you for such an inspiring lesson. A. “:O)

  10. Janet Castle says:

    Congrats! I soooooooo love what you did with your lovely card, and can relate as I enjoy iris folding! Your design is absolutely stunning!
    Jan Castle
    P.S. Would love to have a ‘play date’ with you…LOL!

  11. Lyn Wareham says:

    Minda, this is gorgeous, and even more so in person! I’m pleased now that I didn’t have time to look at your SAM page before my MOSAS29 arrived. I’m so happy to see you as the March SAM; you truly deserve it. I love the sound of where you live – can I move in too??

  12. Sharon Moore says:

    What a truly beautiful card!!! I am going to have to try that technique. It reminds me a little bit of the weaving class I took on OSA with Annette! You are truly an inspiration to all of us and I am very happy to see you as our March SAM!
    Rubber Hugs,
    Sharon M

  13. Mary says:

    Minda congratulations, your card is stunning and Bernie has done a wonderful construction job. Lovely to read a little of your history hugs Mary Wise

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