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Géke M.

I live in the Netherlands. We have been an Air Force family for 20 years and after our last duty station at Holloman AFB, NM, my husband retired and we decided to go back to The Netherlands where I come from. We have 4 children ages 32 – 22 and 3 grandchildren 4, 2 ½ and 1.

Mostly every year I go back to the US to visit my in-laws and friends. About five years ago while I was there I bought my first stamps and some stamping magazines. Back home I didn’t know what to do with them. Then a year later I visited Katies Closet in Glendale, Arizona and took a stamping class. They taught me the Polished Stone technique and I bought all the supplies I needed for this. That was the beginning. Later I took a basic stamping class here in Holland to learn all the fun about stamping.

My favorites are Oriental, African and other ethnic styles.
At the moment I’m not working but do a lot of community work: at the asylum seeker center, library, monthly international dinner project, African Promotion foundation and teaching Dutch to an illiterate Moroccan lady. And……. when I find some spare time I like to stamp, read, walk (volksmarches), dance, music (salsa, soul, oldies but goodies, world ), e-mail and not to forget spending time with my (grand)children, who live near.

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Gene L.

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Grandma Joyce

Stamping for how long?
6 years – Seems like forever.
How did you get started?
I was on a garden group and one of my friends asked if I wanted to join in the rubber stamping group. I had a loud NO~!! Told her I had tooo many hobbies already that I didn’t have time for. One of the group from Florida was coming here to CA to a Stamp Convention so I agreed to go just so I could meet her. Convention?? Well, I found this to be a great place to get into trouble. I fell in love with all the art and different things that could be done with the stamps and have been HOOKED every sense. I find it always has a never ending challenge for new things so have never tired of this fun.

What are your favorite things about stamping? Materials, techniques, emotions, stress-reducer….
The embossing was a thrill to see happen in my beginning days but now there are so many new things that I can’t say what is my favorite.
I love to add the tiny micro beads, fibers and anything to make that little extra boost. Love the Radiant Pearls paint and use it a lot for color.
When I first began stamping I thought that embossing was magic. After joining the Stamp Group here in Redding and having a few different classes I found everything was magic and love it all. Anything new that comes along for a challenge takes a place for favorite for a while. I do love the Oriental Arts for stamping so do more of it than some of the other. Only stamping I don’t seen to have a feel for is the cutsie type. Guess I had enough of that in my younger years while raising my seven kids. I enjoy doing faces also.
I can never express the emotions that I go through with my stamping groups. After loosing my DH, and my other best buddy my dog less than two months after I was lost. The wonderful Oriental group showered me with loving, caring cards of sympathy. Then another dog loss due to a fast driver hitting him and then losing my mom I still had so many cards I can never express my thanks for the uplift I had when going to my mail box. With so many heart breaks and time so limited with having to keep up with all the responsibilities I became overwhelmed with I didn’t do any of my crafts or arts for a very long time. This didn’t stop my wonderful cards from coming from this caring group. My emotions runneth over for this loving talented group.

I don’t seem to have much time to sit down and enjoy my stamping with just trying to keep up with everyday life here on my little farm. When I can steal some moments to stamp it takes all the problems and worries right out the window. With winter on its way I am hoping to have more time for my arts and crafts.

Born in San Diego, CA in 1931 My mom divorced my dad and remarried a cowboy when I was four years old. This was why I was raised on cattle ranches and farms till I went to live with my wonderful grandparents at 16. I had gone to over 30 schools up till this time.

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Heather T.

Heather T.

I live on the Oregon Coast in the United States, with my husband Eddie, our son Allen, and our cats (James & Lily). I used to be a French prof, then an in-house graphic artist and secretary for a construction firm; now I’m a stay-at-home, school-at-home mommy and a self-employed web designer, graphic artist, and rubber stamp designer. I discovered stamping about 5 years ago from my friend Brenda M., who donated a WHOLE BUNCH of really basic stuff that allowed me to really get going with cards (like: I didn’t know how useful 1/4 inch double sided tape was going to be!). So, now I’m hooked.



Stamping for how long?
Most of my life but I have only been seriously (obsessed) stamping for about 7 years

How did you get started?
My mom bought me a stamping set as a child. Then when I retired I had more time.

Favorite stamping items?
Stamps! Stamps! and more Stamps!…oh and ink!

Favorite reasons to stamp?
Although I love stamping for any reason, I find the most peace when I am stamping Japanese images. But then if I am feeling silly I stamp altered stuff. If I am in a romantic mood I love to stamp Victorian. If I need to calm down or things are hectic (most of the time) I love Japanese images. So I guess I stamp to complement my mood.

Day Job/Background?
Self employed most of the time although I did work and as a web designer as I ran my own antique store with my son. I retired from both those positions and found myself with a lot of time. I have been a collector of Antique papers for years and tried my hand at reproducing antique German valentines with my rubber stamps. This evolved into designing pop up cards and box patterns. I continually found myself needing stamps I could not find. Encouraged by friends, I started my own rubber stamp company 4 years ago and am now working as owner, operator, web designer, and stamp artist for Inka Stamps.

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