July 2015: Reflection

For this month I thought it would be fun to play with mirroring your stamps or making a reflection with your stamps.  To do so, you will need a piece of plastic.  Do you have any of the plastic left that an embossing folder came in?  Or some kind of game?  If it’s a flat piece, cut that out and save it for this project.  If you haven’t saved one, do you have an acrylic stamp?  Is it still in it’s package?  If so, it should have a piece of plastic with it. Take that out and use it for this project.  You can always put it back with no problem.  Just clean it off first.

Now, basically what reflecting is used for would be a scene by the water, for instance.  If you have a house on the shore, you know you see a reflection in the water of the house, or trees, or whatever you want on your bank.  So what you would do would be to first stamp your image on your card stock.  Then stamp your image on the piece of plastic.  Turn the plastic piece upside down and line it up just below the bottom of your stamped image on your card stock.  Place the plastic down on the card stock and gently rub the top side with your fingers to release the image from the plastic.  Now you can clean off the plastic and put it back where you had it.

You should wind up with a small space between the stamped image and the pressed image.  That is where you would draw your line or use your markers to create a shoreline.  You can even mask the stamped image of the house or tree or whatever you used, and sponge around the base of it to create ground.

For example, if you go to Pinterest.com and type in Mirror image cards, you’ll see a wealth of cards made using this technique. You can also type in Reflection cards.

Reflection/Mirror Technique on Pinterest

Here’s another example but this is a post card.  It will show you what I mean by mirror image:

Mirror image postcard | Zazzle

Here is a link to Splitcoaststampers where they refer to it as Reflection Technique:

Splitcoaststampers – Reflection Technique Tutorial by Beate Johns

Here is a link by a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator:

Stampin’ Up! Lovely as a Tree Reflection Technique w/Dawn O – YouTube

In this next example, the lady doesn’t use a piece of plastic.  She takes out her brayer and uses it instead.  She first stamps her image on her card stock.  Then she reinks the stamp and runs her brayer over the stamp.  She turns the first image around, lines up the brayer image below the first image and rolls her brayer.  Be sure to watch this one.  It’s short and very interesting:

Brayer Reflection Technique – YouTube

So go out there and make your Reflections Technique card for this month. Have fun!


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