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Vanessa G.

How did you Vanessa G. get started?
Well, in 1989 I bought some stamping supplies, can you believe I still have them? I made a few Christmas cards and then stored them all away. I moved in 1996 to my present home. I was depressed because my house newly built and the soil left for gardening was quite horrible. I went into a state of denial, and decided I wanted a new hobby. I unpacked my boxes and stumbled across the stamps I had previously bought. I started playing with them and soon realized that I needed a few more. This led to well, lets just say more than a few more. In 2000, I met a couple that had been severely abused and was on a collision course to destruction. The wife had just had a baby and was suffering from depression. I did not really know them, but they attended my church. I inquired about the wife and was told she was home. I noticed she was always home, and I decided to call. Long story short she was hostile, but I convinced her to come and visit me. I did not have much to offer, but we did rubber-stamping and our friendship grew from that day. She was hostile for about six months, but she would come every few weeks to craft with me. We shared our life story and talked about hurts and all sorts of stuff. One year later, we were wrestling in the church hall and just having a good ole time, and someone said is that who I think it is smiling? As long as people had known her, she had not smiled. I had been asked what did I do. I said nothing, we created and I prayed and listened to her. From that day 3 years ago I have been hooked on stamping.

Vanessa  G.Favorite stamping items?
Wow, this is a tough question. I mean I could not even begin to answer this question without looking at my craft room. Therefore, I looked, and oh, boy that did not help at all. I have art supplies in every space of my art room. I have many papers. Wallpapers, mulberry, washi, cotton, Thai, and I could go continue in this vain. In my art room are ebossing supplies, dominoes, and bamboo, anything one can use in stamping.

I guess if I must choose it would be PzKut carving medium. This is for me the best carving medium out there. I like it because I can carve my own stamps without having to worry about copyright violation. The other thing would be wallpaper, paper and inks of all kinds. Paper is so versatile and there are so many types. The thing I like about wallpaper, its usually free for me. I go to my local store and get books that are castoffs. As for inks, I lets just say I have a large supply of different inks. I wish I could stop collecting inks and papers.

Favorite reasons to stamp?
Being a stay at home mom and the primary provider of my three sons’ education can be all consuming. We, my hubby and I, decided that I should continue to grow and learn new things, so as not to lose myself. Every year I learn something new so that I am also developing outside interests. Stamping is quite relaxing and challenging, and it helps me by giving me the freedom to express myself.

Day Job/Background?
I am a stay at home mom very involved in the home education of three teenage sons. I do Taebo and run 5k’s in my spare time. Soon, I will start training to run a 10k.

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Vicki B.

How long have you been stamping?
I’ve been stamping off and on for about 15 years.

How did you get started?
A friend of mine had a Home Stamping Party. I had a blast, so I booked a party. You would receive free stamps for all kinds of things. Needless to say I booked several parties. This was the beginning of my “addiction.” I looked through Yahoo Groups and found OSA. I was so excited and joined immediately. (I love anything Japanese. Sometimes I think I was Japanese in an other life).

Favorite stamping items?
Anything Oriental, Twinkling H20’s, coins, anything Japanese.

Favorite reasons for stamping?
It is so relaxing. I also love to stamp to make items and gifts for friends. It gives me a great feeling.

I have been married to the same man for 34 years. We have known each other since the 4th grade. We have 2 adult “Kids,” Michael, 33 and Renee’ 27. We live in San Jose, California. A few years back I received a certificate in Aromatherapy. I made several products, soaps, lotions, headache pillows, you name the toiletry, I produced it. I had an online aromatherapy business for a while. After about 5 years it ran its course. Now I take care of my husband Tom and create. He will be retiring in about 8 weeks. He is only 57, so we will have a LOT of time together!

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Violet K.

Stamping for how long?
Violet K. 10 years

How did you get started?
Saw a demo on rubber stamping at a craft store.

What are your favorite things about stamping? Materials, techniques, emotions, stress-reducer….
Crafting (embroidery, knitting, crocheting, t-shirt painting, lei making, sewing, etc, etc) has always been a stress-reducer for me. Out of all crafts that I have dabbled in, stamping has been the longest that I have stayed w/a craft. Favorite thing about stamping? It has to be learning new techniques and receiving RAK’s from friends.

Retired from City and County of Honolulu for 7 years and enjoying every day. During the day, I babysit (she’s 15 mos old)—-this is 4th child that I’m taking care of since I retired (2 sisters, sister / brother—–cousins to each other).

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Back to top Yetta M.

I have been making cards for a couple of years, stamping in a very small way for a few months and have recently become fascinated with Oriental themes.

Other than that, I’ll be 60 (too soon for comfort) though I only realise this when I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror.

I live in Denmark, am married with two grown sons and two granddaughters.

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Please visit my OSA Gallery! Yvonne M.Yvonne  M.

Stamping for how long?
For about 5 years and scrapbooking for about the same.

How did you get started?
Invited to a Stampin’ Up! Workshop … had a GREAT time! Hosted a workshop myself soon after and was addicted! I stumbled onto the Oriental theme almost accidentally … a local shop had a discount on some stamps that no one seemed to be interested in and I purchased several … soon after began collecting Oriental stamps wherever I could get them … purchased all the Oriental-themed sets from Stampin’ Up! I could afford. Decided to become a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator this past January so I could pay for my habit!

What are your favorite things about stamping?
The look on friends faces when they realize I’ve created a card or gift specifically for them! I also love the opportunity to be creative … I’ve always had an eye for design, layout, graphics, etc., but have never been able to draw or paint. When I began stamping I instantly felt good about what I’d created. It was a new artistic freedom that I’d never experienced. I do a lot with markers and watercoloring. I may not be an ‘artiste’ but at least I can be proud of the things I create.

I’ve spent most of my adult life in the administrative/support personnel fields. Over the years I’ve had my own Secretarial/Desktop Publishing Business. I currently work in the Printing/Advertising field providing related services.

I am a Professional Dabbler. I love working with my hands and am definitely creative by nature; I sew, knit, crochet, embroider, play piano, sing, write poetry and music, do calligraphy, and stamp. In college I studied Music/Voice, Drama, Interior Design and Fun, but left school for an ill-fated love.My true love is not stamping or print media though but MUSIC. I was a semi-professional musician/vocalist in California for several years in the 80/90s. I currently live in a small town and perform in coffeehouses, outdoor venues, and for churches or anyone who will listen. I recently won second place in local competition for the Colgate Country Showdown! Maybe next year I’ll take first and go on to the State Competition!

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