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We love to learn new stuff, and are always looking for new people to teach what they know and love best, whether you’re a member or a vendor. See the guidelines below if you want to teach. And here are links to the wonderful classes we’ve had on OSA’s OSAClasses Group:

OSA Classes Guidelines for Teachers

One of the ways members can be involved in OSA is to volunteer to be a teacher on OSA Classes. Anyone can teach a class, regular member or vendor member. Here are some general guidelines that might be of use to you as you think about whether you’d be interested in teaching.

Member Teachers

1. Any member in good standing can teach a class.

2. Topics for classes can be chosen by the teacher or suggested by OSA management.

3. The OSA Classes moderator and the teacher will work together to set up the date and time of the class.

4. Classes will be taught via OSA Classes emails on the designated time and date.

5. A list of materials for the class needs to be posted at least one week prior to the class.

6. Participants are to get their own materials for the class. However, OSA members can help other members in finding hard to get materials. How this is done is up to the individual participants.

6. Visuals and/or examples are encouraged to be posted for members to view as the class is given.

7. There will be no compensation for teaching OSA Classes, except our heartfelt THANK YOU!!

Vendor Teachers

Vendors are also encouraged to teach a class on OSA. All the above apply. In addition, regarding materials for class, the following pertains:

1. Vendor teachers may provide a class kit for the students to purchase. If they are going to provide a kit the list of materials must be posted one month in advance along with their kit price and shipping charges. This will allow ample time for the purchase and delivery of the kit.

2. If vendor teachers are not going to provide a class kit the list of materials for the class must be posted at least one week prior to the class.

3. If a kit is to be provided by the vendor teacher it must be clearly stated that students are not required to purchase the kit from the vendor teacher in order to participate in the class. The students may provide their own materials or purchase them from a vendor of their choice.

4. Prices for the kits must not be more than the regular price the vendor teacher normally asks for the individual items. A class discount is not expected but would be a nice bonus to the students.

5. We discourage other vendors from creating kits to go along with the indicated class. However, the vendor teacher must respect other vendors’ rights to offer the same individual items at discount.

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