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Jane S.

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Janice E.How did you get started?
…about 13 years ago, my next door neighbour invited me to a home party for rubber stamping, and I was hooked……I saw the stamps in June, and I was a home party rep for the company by that September!!!!……never thought I’d do sales, but I ended up being one of the top sales persons a couple of years in a row.

Favorite stamping items?
……I love using the stamps themselves, whether I emboss, colour on the rubber, use ink pads…..and of course, it’s all about the paper……I LOVE the paper!!!

Favorite reasons to stamp?
… need a reason?!?!?!…….um….because they are there?…..because I can?……because I am a stamp addict?……because I love it?……and just because!!!!!

Day Job/Background?
…I am originally from Scotland, and came to Canada when I was 11……yup, I still have a Scottish accent, but usually use the Canadian one, and switch back and forth, depending on who I am speaking to….I have been married for 17 years, have 2 teen boys…..I don’t work now, but I was in the financial sector…..I also play in a
steel band…my other passion!!!!

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Janis G.

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Janis R.

I live in Longport, NJ (same island as Atlantic City). I am retired (very early on my own) from Verizon Communications where my last position was Product Manager-Broadcast Video Services. I have a BA in Comparative Theology from St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia and an MS in Organizational Dynamics from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylania. I have been stamping for about 15-20 years. I have been lucky enough to take some great classes from Mary Jo McGraw, Lea Everse, Susan Pickering Rothermel, Suze Weinberg and others. I have been published in Rubber Stamper and Vamp Stamp News, but have only submitted two cards. I enjoy Oriental and Far Eastern arts as well as other types of art. I especially enjoy mixed media and being creative with paper (weavings, bargello and other crazy off the wall techniques). I have been to China twice to study wth the University of Pennsylvania (Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijiing, Suzchow, Guangchou, Macau).

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Jean M.

As of 2005, I am 56 years old and married with three children – a daughter and twin boys and two grandchildren. We live on a small cattle breeding property in Central Queensland, Australia.

I have been stamping for four and a half years and try to get to a convention or two each year as I live so far from other stampers or stamping shops. I have made many friends from just joining groups such as OSA and other Yahoo ones.

I have a love of a lot of different crafts and am dabbling in scrapbooking more now that I have grandchildren but stamping rules!!

I like most types of stamping and just love to try out new techniques and backgrounds.

Oriental stamping has always interested me and I have a nice little collection of those stamps now in both mounted and unmounted. I love making and receiving cards and also love to show off the ones I receive, hence the wish to create a gallery on here.

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Jean N.

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Jean S.

How did you get started?<
I was at an art and craft fair approx 5 years ago and saw some stamped cards no demo and I thought I would like to give that a go. So I went on the net and bought grab bags to try and build up a collection of unmounteds, which my stamps are mainly. The postage factor played heavily in this as it costs an arm and a leg to get the mounted stamps. I read some of the methods on the net too and it was a case of trial an error. I feel since joining OSA I am learning more technique wise and gaining new friends.

Favorite Stamping Items?
Unmounteds, all types of paper, fibres, anything oriental, tags and collage work

I am a retired civil servant whose main interests were china painting, photography and since retiring I got hooked on my computer. I have introduced my daughter in Australia to the stamping but she is way too busy to participate in swaps. She keeps me on my toes by introducing novel methods she learns and passes on info to me when I go over. I had an accident and am not as mobile as I would like to be but it does not stop me travelling to be with my family for most Christmas celebrations.
This year, however, my granddaughter Karen is being married so I will be at home.

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Jenny G.

Hi! Not sure where or what to start with here… so here goes…
I’m married with no children. We have a cat, a Humane Society Tuxedo, Pepper who runs our home and our hearts. Atlanta, Georgia is my home and probably always will be, both of our families are here and I love Atlanta. I work in the corporate office for a chain of Ace Hardware stores and deal with purchasing and inventory control. I have been there for almost twelve years now.

How I got started…. I was given a few of the most basic scrapbooking suplies many years ago by my stepmother, Barbara . I scrapbooked for several years, I enjoyed putting the memories together in such a fun way, and I still do. But through the years somehow I have turned into a complete crazed stamp addict, we both did! We used to look at all the rubber stamps in the craft stores and think I’ll never do that, stamping was not even remotely in our realm. Still not sure how it happened, but I’m a stamper now! This wonderful hobby, making cards and papercrafts, scrapbooking keeps me sane. It’s relaxing and fun… just coloring in a stamped image takes me back to the coloring book days and doing your best to stay in the lines, which some days I still can’t manage to do! I have packed hobby room full of all my collected goodies and am constantly on the hunt for more storage ideas so that I can pack even more into my little room. I’m not sure how I became so enamored with the Asian influenced products, maybe the papers initially, but I love the look, the colors, the feel of the papers, the Geishas, Bamboo, Cranes all of it! I felt like I hit the jackpot when I happened upon OSA!

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Jody M.

I started stamping 12 years ago. I attended a class because a friend wanted company. I thought, “Rubber stamping class? How stoopid!”. Then we embossed and colored and I was hooked. My first year I joined 63 swaps and boy, did I learn alot. Now, my living room/eating area has been turned into my studio and I eat on the teeny corner of my once dining room table. Sound familiar?

I am a retired educator who has taught middle school language arts and worked in the gifted program. I did a lot of consulting with, among many other places, the New Mexico Department of Education. I won some awards and sat on two state educational organization boards. I retired mostly because I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain and working simply became too difficult.

I am owned by three feline furballs who I adore and, apparently judging from the amount of cat hair on my clothes, they adore me. I frequently tell the recipients of my art that I don’t charge extra for the cat hair.

I adore Asian art for its beauty and serenity. I enjoy many paper arts like Iris Folding and Parchment Craft and use them in my Asian work. I also enjoy shrink plastic and jewelry making (particularly off-loom beading). I love working with multi-media. And I read voraciously.

To see my latest creations, visit my picture trail at

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Jody S.

Stamping for how long?
About 20 years, 8 years seriously, stamping for relaxation, 3 years of selling my greeting cards, 1 year selling my Domino Babes.

How did you get started?
One technique class led to another, purchasing 1 stamp then led to a few & then more. From stamps to origami, beads to polymer clay, altered books to star books then to Domino Babe Pins. …need I say more, I am totally hooked on a wonderful relaxing form of ART that I really enjoy.

What are your favorite things about stamping? Materials, techniques, emotions, stress-reducer….
My favorite things about stamping are the people that I meet online & in person, and of course the “new goodies” that are continually found in our local stamp store & online. The other best part is the “new techniques” that I see, then try, then change them to something else, I enjoy being different than the norm. I love my Asian stamps, my petroglyphs, and making small star books. Then I would have to say playing with dominoes and then collage. I stamp the “Domino Babes” with rubber stamps; gold leaf pens, and then color them with Sharpie pens & chalk. Earrings & lapel pins with character. Making paper is also enjoyable for me, but is a long day when you start making it. I generally only make it one or two days a year. Today
with the first day of fall, this is great weather to get outside & make some. The end results are spectacular.

Originally born in Vancouver, British Columbia, in my late 30’s I married an American & ended up in Seattle, WA. My late hubby died in 1993, on December 20th. When he died I was lost, mentally, I turned to a counselor, Rosen, she helped me to quit my job, due to health issues, & start college. She even attended my graduation, what a lady. Having always loved visiting the US, I now call Washington home. When I graduated from college at the age of 47,in 1996 I started working at the World Kite Museum in Long Beach, WA. This is where I again picked up on rubber stamping, took a few classes, bought some rubber stamps & got re-acquainted. I loved working at the museum, I had background in kites, I felt at home, but the wages & the hours were not enough to sustain me, so we then decided to try our luck in Wyoming. I had met Terry Shields through my late husbands kite business, we have been together ever since 1996 & in September of 2004 we got married. At the present time we are waiting for him to retire, January of 2006, then our next chapter in life will begin with some traveling.

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Josette M.

Up until a few years ago I had never touched an arts, crafts or any type of hobby project since elementary school. Trust me, that’s a lot of years. I didn’t have time, it didn’t interest me and quite frankly I didn’t believe I had an artistic bone in my body. I’m still not sure I do.
But, as with everyone life happens. My life happening was Multiple Sclerosis. It forced me to take a significant change of direction with my life. Oh, I went kicking and screaming and denying all the way but eventually I met with acceptance. I worked on the things I could change and accepted those I had no control over. I realized I now had an altered life. Certainly it was not what I had planned but maybe somehow by taking some of the control out of my hands it could be different in a good way.

As corny as this may sound one night I had a vision of my Great Aunt Pearl. I hadn’t thought of her in years. She just loved to collect antique beads and create jewelry. Beaded jewelry was not my thing but I enjoyed watching her go over her countless treasures and tell all kinds of stories about them. During this dream Aunt Pearl instructed me to create an MS Awareness necklace. I could distinctly see its image. The next morning when I awoke I laughed out loud at the whole incident yet it haunted me for days. How the heck was I supposed to create a piece of jewelry? I didn’t know how. I began a quest to educate myself through trial and error and ultimately found the tools and pieces that matched Aunt Pearl’s instructions. A year or so later I received a grant from the Betaseron Foundation (this is a drug company that supplies me with a medication to help control MS) to create the necklace and an Awareness bracelet.

One thing somehow led to another and here I am creating art. Out of the darkness I found my passion. I’m not sure what it looks like but I know that MS is my Muse. He/She inspires me, lifts me to new heights of awareness and reminds me I still have purpose beyond a career.

Along with all of that I consider myself a self taught artist. I learn from all of you. A wife to the most amazing husband who ever lived and a mother of three wonderful almost all adult children. We all reside in the Des Moines, Washington just 15 miles south of Seattle on the glorious Puget Sound. I know I’m the luckiest person in the world to be surrounded by so much love and joy.

Josette M.
Seneca Stones and Stationers

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Joyce P.

My name is Joyce P., mother of 6, and part time rubber stamper!

I started stamping about 12 years ago, after going to a StampinUp! party.! I have stamped and grown since then!

I am married to a wonderful man,who adores me and our 6 foster children, we have a Black Lab, 3 cats, and we both love to garden. Before I became a Mommy and a Rubber stamper, I was in the US Army, for 21 years, retired as a Major. The first years of my Military time was in the Med. Corps, I was a Registered Nurse, I got seriously burned out with Nursing after Viet Nam, and switched over to Data Processing.

Besides taking care of our children (the adoption will finally be final in February 2005), I enjoy painting, reading when I have time, and I go to school 4 days a week, I’m working on my masters in Child Development.

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Joyce T.

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Julie K.

Stamping for how long?
I started just before my daughter was born (Nov. 2001). Hard to believe she’s two and a half, I feel like a beginner still!

How did you get started?
Through the internet. I had just started scrapbooking and had heard through the ‘net about rubberstamping and how it complemented scrapbooking so well. I did a search on yahoo groups and found OrientalStampArt. It was love at first sight!

What are your favorite things about stamping? Materials, techniques, emotions, stress-reducer….
It combines a bunch of my loves: pretty papers, strings, bits and baubles. (I’m a packrat… um,
collector… at heart.) It’s a wonderful way for me to be creative and I adore the friendships that I have
found as a result.

I teach English as a Second language in a private high school. I am a Canadian who is currently located in Taiwan (the love of my life was found here!) We have a darling toddler daughter named Jaylene.

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Kate P.
April 2004 Stamper of the Month


Kathy M.

Stamping for how long?<
About 15 years now

How did I get started?
I bought a stamp saying Handmade with love to make labels for the smocked dresses I was making for friends

What are my favourite things about stamping?
The incredibly diverse ways that stamping can be used. At the moment I am using it with bookbinding and altered books. I love to see the expressions on people’s faces when they are given a card that you have made. I also enjoy it but because there are always new techniques, materials, stamps to try

I live in New Zealand with my husband Brian and 2 boys who are 8 and 10. I am a librarian and recently have been managing a library in a mid sized rural town. This job is now coming to an end and I will be working part time in the library at my boys’ school. This is the first time since the boys were small that I have worked part time so I am hoping to have lots of stamping time.

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Kavi C.

Coordinator for OSA SAM

More Than You’ll Ever Need to Know About Me:
Born and grew up in Brooklyun, NY. Now live in a very small rural town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwestern Virginia. While attending college @ Appalachian State Univ. I met and married my dh Phil. (We just celebrated our 40th anniverary 12/26/07.) We have 2 adult children, neither married, and no pets at the present time. DH and I are retired from teaching–me after 30 years as first grade teacher. I miss the kids and fellow educators, but I LOVE being retired and would not dream of returning! 🙂

How I Started Stamping:
About 8 years ago I attended my first home Stampin’ Up party and the rest is history! Then 6 years ago I allowed my best friend (& now my upline) to convince me to sign up as a demonstrator.

I have no formal art education. I took a few years of drafting classes in HS, and have attended several stamping classes. I have always been into crafts (cornshucks dolls, paper jewelry, cross-stitch, crochet, etc), but when I tried stamping it was like I found my groove! I teach a monthly SU class and schedule workshops and stamp camps each month or so to support my stamping habit.
There is something about Oriental Art that draws me. It is very peaceful, calming, beautiful to me. I don’t remember how I found OSA but it’s the bestest!

Stamping Favorite:
I really escape the world around me when I am stamping! I love trying new techniques (I am an Ultimate TechJunkie), embellishing w/many “found” items, ribbons, fibers, altered game pieces, glitter, beads, etc! Stamping is very relaxing for me-even when I am rushing to complete a project before a deadline. (I am also an Ultimate Procrastinator! LOL)
I love online groups and am am a member of several, BUT OSA is by far my FAVORITE group of friends!

Please visit my OSA gallery!

Kazuko K.

Stamping for how long?
-Almost 10 years.

How did you get started?
-I was at an antique show buying junk, and coincidentally, a Rubber Stamp Show
was there too. Since I felt interested, I peeked inside from the entrance, and the next thing you know, I paid admission, got into millions of stamps, inkpads, and samples.
That’s was the beginning of my stamping life.

What are your favorite things about stamping?
– I can make art without drawing. Also, I love paper, wood and fabric. Stamping
has everything, besides, rubber stamps wouldn’t go away even I used them 100 times. That makes me much happier.

– I was born and raised in Japan (Yokohama), moved to sothern CA when I got
married to my DH in ’89. I’m now in beautiful Carlsbad, CA.

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Laura F.

I have been married to my best friend, Mark, since November of 2000. No children, four fur babies. Two dogs, Sadie and Glory, and two cats, Shirley and Mr. Jinxx. We live about 30 miles south of Chicago IL. One great thing about living so close to Chicago is there is a wonderful Japanese Paper store there. Much better than the penny candy stores I use to haunt as a child.

I have always being doing some kind of craft, embroidery, tole painting, oil painting, and polymer clay to name a few. In 1996 I took a part-time job at a rubber stamp store and the rest is history. I fell in love with stamping. I have way too many stamps and accessories. Oriental themed stamping has always been a favorite. On another group, Technique Junkie, I was searching for an Asian alphabet and Kavi invited me to join OSA. What a great group of artists and inspiration!

I have a day job in the finance department of a company that manufactures safety and security systems. About half the women there are involved in some kind of paper crafting. Often on Monday mornings we have show and tell for the first half hour or so.

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Linda K.

Hi everyone……I live in Madison, WI USA. My husband and I married 12 years ago and we lived with Pearl (a lovely know-it-all siamese) who left us two years ago at the age of 16 years. We have a daughter, 27, who owns a bead store in Minnesota and a daughter, 36, who lives in Iowa with our son-in-law and “Lovely Laurel” as we call her, our 18 month old granddaughter.

I have been stamping about 5 years. The first time I watched someone emboss on a piece of cardstock I was mesmerized. I tried to get my mom into stamping thinking it would be a good pastime for her since she lives in northern Wisconsin and has a lot of free time. Can you believe she was not at all interested? Well, it only took me one SU party and I was hooked. I make all our greeting cards that are sent to family and friends and Hallmark never sends me any advertisements any more!

I belong to a monthly card swap group, a monthly stamp club and two Yahoo groups – OSA and Iris Folding. My thanks to Dawn Hass for introducing me to OSA when I met her at a stamp convention. She casually asked if I liked Asian stamping – Oh boy, was I excited! I have met so many great people through stamping and have to say this is probably THE BEST benefit I have received. Next would be the therapy….. Green has always been my favorite color and I also favor jewel tones, nature’s colors and, of course, Asian combinations. I absolutely love to learn new techniques and how to make books, boxes and anything interactive.

I retired in January 2003 after working for the State of Wisconsin for 36+ years. My husband is also retired and we spend our winter months in Bonita Springs, Florida. I do believe I take more stamping supplies with me than clothes when we go. I am a lucky, lucky gal to have a husband that supports my habit.

I have always liked creating things and have pretty much tried my hand at everything from macrame to stained glass. My other interests are flower gardening, watching volleyball, taking trips with my husband and going to Curves 🙂

Destined to become an old lady with lots of stamps………………… Linda K.

Please visit my OSA Gallery!

Linda M.

I’m Linda M and I have been married for 16 years to Scott. We have 3 children: James 14 yrs, Amira 5 yrs, and Anya will be 2 in August. We live in Minnesota about 15 minutes from St. Paul (and 25 minutes from the Mall of America!). In my former life, I was a Speech/Language Pathologist for a local school district. Since bringing home our first child (he was one of my speech students), I have been a stay-home mom (almost 9 years now).

I don’t remember exactly how long I have been stamping – 5 years maybe. I have not been very consistent with stamping until the last 2-3 years. I was more of a “stamp hoarder” before that. I have always been drawn to Asian art, so I especially hoarded Asian themed stamps. I kept buying stamps, but not using them much. Finally I joined an email list for local stampers and started doing a few swaps a year. With some friends, I started a stamping list for moms who have adopted children from China (very small list), that got me involved in doing about 6 swaps per year which was good for me. I finally had a place to use my Asian-themed stamps! I had an excuse to buy more! It’s amazing how I can justify buying a stamp just because it would be a good swap theme on a list. Recently I joined OSA while looking for more ideas and more motivation to stamp. I think I hit the jackpot!!

I have recently started scrapbooking (under pressure from some stamping friends). But so far, my real love is still stamping. I procrastinate on scrapping! LOL! I think I am just overwhelmed with 9 yrs of ds’ photos and then the dds’ too! I may never finish!

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Lis W.

1. How did you get started?
Well, I have always been a paper fanatic and have been through many “phases”. I have also had a great interest in art since a child. I got into stamping when I was a scrapbook teacher at a local scrapbook store. Two of the patrons were talking about this store near me and how great it was. Two months later (yeah, sometimes it takes me a while to do something) I walked into a dream called the Enchanted Cottage. They had a huge selection of stamps. I took my first class there (Beginning Stamping) and I was off and running. Two years later I am still taking techniques classes there from a wonderful artist and teacher Carolyn Hurst. I met a small group of students that took all her classes and now we are all fast friends and “Carolyn’s groupies”. Two others are also Asian fans. Needless to say my stamp collection has blossomed from zero to, ah….well, I’d rather not say (blushing).

2.Favorite stamping items?
WOW! Thats a hard one! I really like the convenience of unmounted but I’m still part woodie. I love Asian, collage and postage. I also really like French. I am an alphabet junkie and have many alphabet sets (all unmounted thank goodness). I do like time oriented pieces like old fashioned clocks and time expressions. I love haiku and old writing backgrounds as well.

3. Favorite reasons to stamp?
I love to create! I love form, texture, color….Stamps make it easy to create beautiful works of art (actually “easier” as putting everything together takes time and a certain amount of “eye”). I love to create greeting cards for family and friends. I have sold a lot also. I love using fibers with them so I tend to haunt the yarn shops also looking for just the right hand dyed items. I love to use brass charms and other 3-d items to add interest also. I got into collage while I was searching for “stuff.”

I like to use different techniques from other art forms that I have learned in cards and stamping.

4. Day Job/Background?
Right now I am looking for a job. My experience is in healthcare. I have an MBA and an MA in Spanish. I am an educator and also have many years in management in patient accounting and patient registration.

I am single/divorced and have no children. I do have 5 cats (not on purpose) Spike, Ike, Mama, Rexford and Miss Priss (the last two are a siamese mix). It is interesting for sure. I am currently trying to adopt out the two siamese (Mama appeared on my doorstep and had two kittens, thats how I got them). I got Ike and Spike from the animal rescue shelter. I like to do volunteer work and am handy with a stamp!

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Liz T.

Please visit my OSA Gallery and my online store, Japan My Key Gifts!

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Lizette M.

Native Floridian for 35 years, married to my soul mate almost 14 years, we have a 7 year old “Fur” child Devon Rex cat named Jack.

Stamping for how long?
Over 10 years

How did you get started?
I had a catalog stamp party back in 1992 and became quite addicted, I was glad to find something creative I could actually do since I then thought I did not have a creative bone in my body, not the case! I believe everyone is born with a “Creative side” but often is ignored or not explored due to personal self esteem issues or because Creativity was not nurtured when we were children.

Stamping Style?
My stamping style has changed through the years, I love all Asian, Artsy and Whimsical . My other loves are scrapbooking, beading, collage, reading, movies, music and the arts.

Please visit my OSA Gallery!

Lizzie Slothouber
OSA Group Founder, Original List-Owner

Lizzie S, founder of OSA

Stamping for how long?
For over 15 years now, and now Scrapbooking for the past 4 years too.

How did you get started?
Attended and saw stamping demonstrated by Spruce Goose, Queensland at the “Needles & Craft Show” at the Challenge Stadium, Perth, Western Australia. My first supplies were a medium sized butterfly stamp, TopBoss embossing stamp pad and gold embossing powder. Ended up tossing it aside, and about a year later, resurrecting it again to do the wedding invitations (which were primarily done using the “Fuschia Rollergraph”) and pink “Le Plume II” marker pen.

What are your favorite things about stamping?
The effusive reactions from the recipients upon opening the created item. It crosses all ages, cultures, language barriers and continents. The friendships established online – so enriching and unique.

I’m a confessed hoarder. I am still working on controlling my need to have various abundant quantities of cardstock, specialty paper, Sculpey, UTEE/OPALs, rubber stamps, stamp pads, embossing powders (bought by the kilo *LOL*), assorted tools * did I mention I raid DH’s workshop too *, numerous fibres/ribbons and charms too.

The majority of my working career – 11 years I’ve been in Advertising Sales (last job with Yellow Pages as Senior Advertising Consultant), I’ve had a retail Rubber stamping and then later it evolved into a Scrapbooking business. Have taught a lot, face-2-face and online. Last year went the next step and created my own video, which is marketed internationally, called “Easy Embellishments” targetted towards both the stamping & scrapbooking enthusiasts of all calibres, especially those
who are geographically disadvantaged and can’t attend classes.

I am happily married, have 2 girls – Aleisha who’s 7 years old and Nicola who is 3.5 years old. Hubby Tertius is very supportive of my many craft inclinations (and has allowed me to take over the formal lounge and formal dining area in our home as my “Craft Room”)

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Lois S.

About 7 or 8 years ago I was introduced to stamping by being invited to a Stampin’ Up party. I had previously dabbled in other creative hobbies like ceramics, tole painting and flower arranging, but stamping really opened up a surprising creative outlet that had long been waiting for something to unlock the floodgates. Brayering has become my technique of choice for making a card quickly. Punches have been making frequent appearances in my cards this past year. Favorite colors, both in stamping projects and in my personal wardrobe, are olive green and eggplant/plum.

Asian designs have long been a favorite of mine and I recently became a member of a small swap doing just cards with an oriental flavor. I also belong to another small group that swaps cards once a month ea. with a pre-set theme. Searching the website for beautiful oriental cards and rubber stamps occupies a lot of my time and is how I came in contact with the OSA website and some very kind OSA members that guided me in the right direction to finding a very particular rubber stamp.

Having grown up with a very artistic mom (sewing, sculpting, flower arranging and painting) I sort of took art in by osmosis! But always felt I must have hatched out under a toadstool, because seemingly I was all thumbs when it came to being creative and/or artistic. When I was teaching Spanish and English to junior high students I often used to hang out in the art department after school and was encouraged by the teacher to keep searching for a way to let the creative juices flow–finaly 30+ years later, I now see that I really do have a small gift of artistic talent.

My educational background led me to teaching, but other employment experiences opened some new windows on unknown interests ie…working with the elderly and working in medical environments. I recently retired from 18 years as a medical records assistant senior at the Washington State Penitentiary hospital. My first touch of other cultures came in college when I had a roommate from Korea (maybe that’s where I first became interested in oriental colors and designs). But my years of studying and teaching Spanish as well as living in Mexico and Costa Rica as a student and Honduras as a missionary has also added a dimension to my life that is

I enjoy living in Walla Walla, Wa. where I have great access to art, music and the most fantastic display of mountains, valleys, farmlands and rivers in the great Pacific Northwest.

Please visit my OSA Gallery!

Lorie M.

I have just recently gotten into rubber stamping (due to the inspiration of my sister-in-law in the summer of 2003) but I have always been interested in all aspects of crafting, especially paper arts. I love the artistic expression that cardmaking and rubber stamping gives me. I especially love the Asian influence, and continually come
back to those motifs.

I live in Columbia, South Carolina USA with my dear and very understanding hubby, 2 teenage boys, a Carolina Dog named Maggie, a haughty ginger tabby named Mickey, a wacked out kitten named Max, 3 geckos, several salamaders, and the rest subject to change without notice. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and am also influenced by the tribal art there.

I am very heavily into Boy Scouts (married to the Scoutmaster, too) and love camping, traveling and writing.

I am currently the managing editor for a new Boy Scouting magazine, American Scouting Digest, that comes out 4x/year. (We are always looking for Scouting-related stories and photos, so if you have any to submit, please contact me.)

I am retired from teaching science and middle school so that I can spend more time with my boys before they grow up and away. I also design simple webpages in my spare time.

Please visit my OSA Gallery!

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Lynda J.

Please visit my OSA Gallery!

Lynn L.

Stamping for how long?
Seriously, I want to say 11 years.

How did you get started?
I can remember ordering rubber stamps and punches from the Paragon catalog & from a craft booth at an outdoor show back in 1989, way before stamp stores even existed. I started serious stamping when I joined a local calligraphy guild in 1993. Then really serious stamping when I joined Stampin’ Up in 1997.

What are your favorite things about stamping? Materials, techniques, emotions, stress-reducer….
Trying all the new techniques that I can combine with mixed media. Combining all the supplies: stamps, pads, inkers & metallics, watercolors, etc., with my calligraphic art. Playing with all the great “art” stamps that I can use for backgrounds in collage. Experimenting with different color combinations. Stamping on objects, other than cardstock.

I am a designer “at heart”. My background is Interior Design. I have been a calligrapher for 11 years. I learned calligraphy and lettering, my first passion, after college. I love working with color and texture so I have an unused loom in my living room, when I originally wanted to be a weaver. Meanwhile, to feed my passion for fibers, I am extremely passionate about knitting with novelty yarns. I just picked up knitting again a few months ago and find it very calming and relaxing for the artistic soul . . . a simple therapeutic way to reduce stress. I highly recommend it for everyone. It provides meditation and balance for me in my chaotic life. In order to support my creative endeavors, my day job is a Facilities Specialist for an office furniture dealer/fabricator. And in my spare moments (LOL), I may teach beginning calligraphy, am a demonstrator for Stampin’ Up and a consultant for The Body Shop at Home.

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