July 2010: Bep Van Donk (Happy Beppie)


How long have you been stamping?
6 years

What is your favorite technique?

Favorite stamp company?
Hampton arts, Inka, Heather Taylor

Favorite Asian stamps?
Heathers garden stamps and Hampton arts K 2127 a Japanese bowl with lotus flowers in it

Favorite stamping accessory?
Embossing powder and heating tool

Favorite colors?
Red /gold and blue, green gold combi

Your favorite embellishment to finish a card?
Ribbon or flowers

What is the one tool you couldn’t live without?
Tweezers with a curved beak

Any helpful tips for the group?
Problems with connecting colors? Use a color cart. Copics has a nice one. Download for free .

As a member of OSA, why do you like stamping in the Oriental theme?
I think I was Asian in a former life. I started travelling Asia in the nineties. From the first step on Asian soil I  felt home. Believe it or not, I can find my way in Bangkok, Shanghai, Beijing, Jakarta., Saigon, Hongkong, but I need a gps system in my own country.
I save my money for a few years and then I am off again to the Asian region. Love the people and adore the nature. Far away from television and all things that must be done. There I am like sponge I soak up tranquility, colors and smells from local markets, all kinds of people, their clothing and their arts. Not to forget flora and fauna. After that I am full of ideas to create again.

Is there any one place or city you’d like to visit to find rubber stamps, supplies, or Asian art elements?
I would love to go back to Vietnam to find stamps. When I was there I was not stamping yet. I have stamps from all over the world but no Vietnamese yet.

What other stamping lists or local clubs do you belong to?
I am a member of  the  Dutch stamping group.
I also am a member of the Dutch and American cricut group, cause I use the cricut often.
I also follow azza classes, that is a European way of scrapbooking, we use  templates to cut the photo’s in forms . To compete the layouts we use stamps, a few embellishments, and decoration  templates.

What favorite Stamping magazines would you recommend?
I love the asian somerset

Published in any magazines? If yes, please list.
One time in  a take ten years ago.

Any other hobbies, talents or craft interests?
I love scrapbooking the Azza way, Playing with my cricut to make things for the kids, but also for the nursery home across the street. I make season  art for them. So they have one frame hanging on the wall, and I put every season a different  landscape in it.
Now there is a spring landscape hanging in it, with a windmill ,meadows, flowers, and cows with their little ones. Ducks , boats. Time to create my summer landscape soon, the size is 70x 80 cm that is huge. I all do it with my cricut.
Talents? Well I see it as a talent to make fun with Alzheimer patients, I sing  old songs with them, found them on the internet, made a book with 120 songs for them and we sing them regularly, make pancakes for them, and when a new landscape must be done. I cut everything at home and I make the landscape there where they can see me work, and we talk about it in between, then I make them pick up their memories when I show them a beach chair for summer or a beach ball. Then we talk what they did when it was summer when they were young.
I take care of my old friend Pete, he will be 89 in august, I do this 14 years now, he has only one niece that visits him now and then. I see the care for him as a talent too.

What inspires you to be creative?
My grandkids , vacations in Asia, but also a visit to a zoo can be very inspiring, and I love to watch discovery travel or national geographic, that really inspires when you have no money to travel yourself , you meet so many different cultures to learn from.

Any art background ?
As a kid not much. I was awful in drawing so I hated the art class, was never good enough, but excellent in languages lol. when I was married I took time to learn some skills from friends embroidery, making flower arrangements with dried flowers, and then one day in 2004 I saw stamps, that was my way to get over the not having drawing talent.  now I could made art without drawing.
And I had another talent hoarding, girls I started to buy stamps and I couldn’t stop for the first 5 years, now I just occasionally buy a stamp.

Have you used any unusual item in your stamping that wasn’t necessarily meant for stamping?
Recently I used the lid of a toilet refresher to make a background with my new air brusher.
I used it as back ground paper for stamping art.

Any favorite websites you would recommend for inspiration?
Not really. I am not so often on websites . nowadays lots of people have blogs, I visit them if someone on a group sends a link. I do that most times on a rainy Sunday morning or when hub has his football evening on TV.

Do you have a day job when you’re not stamping?
I  am retired. I was a nurse in hospital as also in nursery homes. I worked for more than 30 years with Alzheimer patients.

Tell us about your family and where you live.
I live in the Netherlands, am 57,5 years old. Married with Peter in 1972. We met in 1967. Ok grab your calculators lol. It’s a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng time. Still love him. We got 2 kids. They both have a partner for life, got kids. We have 5 grandsons now. The last one has born 4 weeks ago. We have 2 Chinese crested, spoiled rotten by hubby who complaints he can’t wiggle his toe or the dogs stand in front of him. I live in a small city , lots of green around me, but on a short distance from the big City, Rotterdam , after Amsterdam the most famous city abroad, cause of its huge harbor. Love to go there to make a boat trip into the harbor. That is on the list for next year with all my grandkids. They will love to see the huge ships. 2011 many American cruisers will be there too, have to visit a few.
The rest of my family, my mom and my 5 bros and sisters live in Rotterdam , and  2 live in the north of Holland.
Monday is my day off, may be create something and do some household.
Tuesday is for my DIL with the new born baby, she can use a bit of help right now.
Wednesday is for old Pete and his companions in the nursery home.
Thursday , my mom comes over for a day
Friday,  for my daughter with her 3 sons.
The weekend, well the I do the household that I forgot that week,  and I enjoy  to be with hub together.
November he is retired  and around me every day. He is very easy ,never complaint when I am busy the creative things, but  he loves a clean house and a fresh dinner every day.
Well the clean house is ok, but I have one area that he doesn’t talk about .yep my stamping area lol.
And cooking? I love to cook specially Asian dinners.
So I am a happy girl with one wish, please lord ,give me 36 hrs in a day.



I stamped with memento tuxedo black cause this ink doesn’t fade.

The stamp is a psx stamp.

Coloring was done with copics.

And at the end I did the white accents with a  white gelly roll from sakura.

The layering speaks for itself.

24 Responses to July 2010: Bep Van Donk (Happy Beppie)

  1. Bonnie Waliezer says:

    Hi Beppie, Congratulations on being chosen SAM. I do so admire you and your work, not only with the stamping, but with all you do for others

  2. Minda O-T says:

    What a magnificent card — so beautifully coloured, Beppie. And your bio helps me to learn so much more about you. You are a most wonderful person, and I am so glad to be able to know you.
    Best wishes toyou and your entire family!

    • Happy Beppie says:

      Thanks Minda,

      yes its nice to be the Sam and i think we get to know each other better then.
      Thanks for the compliments you gave me for my card.

  3. Annette W. says:

    Happy Beppie, this is delicious. The copic markers make all the difference in coloring and shading, so the flowers appear to have special lighting. Congratulations on being chosen OSA’s Stamper of the Month. Annette “:O)

    • Happy Beppie says:

      Hi Annette,

      teehee sam of the month me.Lol
      i love coloring.at first only with karisma pencils, later with tombows and now copics. i also use crayon stabilo pencils, i use that for lining with my scrapbook pages.Thanks for your nice words for me

  4. Diane Young says:

    Congratulations, Happy Beppie. You deserve it! Enjoy your month of stardom. The project is lovely.

    • Happy Beppie says:

      Hi Diane Young, i add your last name cause there are more Diane’s 🙂
      Thanks for your nice words for my cards.

  5. Diane M. says:

    Congratulations! A well deserved honor that you have been chosen as the July 2010 SAM
    I love all your card, and these two examples are outstanding!. Way to go! Diane M.

  6. Happy Beppie says:

    Hi Diane M,

    Thanks for your kind words:)

  7. Beppie, Congratulations on being selected as the SAM for July, Now you have another reason to be a Happy Beppie! The coloring on your card is gorgeous.

    – Gitana, the Creative Diva

    • Happy Beppie says:

      Thanks gitana,

      coloring is the thing i love the most it empties my head,when i am too busy

  8. Nanette R says:

    I really enjoyed your Of your very busy lifestyle. Your cards are beautiful. Congradulations. Keep on stamping

    • Happy Beppie says:

      Thanks nanette,

      i am glad i found this hobby,stamping is great and i am so lucky to find this group with wonderfull stamping sisters.

  9. Connie Smith says:

    Very lovely and very nicely colored with the copics. In reading your questions/answers, I didn’t realize Somerset had an Asian version of their mag. I will have to look for it.. TFS

  10. mary waspe says:

    congratulations Beppie, great to read your sam for July,
    love the stamp also. enjoy your month.

  11. thefrugalcrafter says:

    Congrats Happy Beppie! The coloring is so fresh and bright, enjoy your month!

  12. Happy Beppie says:

    Mary hi,

    Thanks for your nice words, and i really adore psx flowers i think i have a 30 of the big K flower stamps.And the wildlife animals from stamps happen are great too.

  13. Willow says:

    Congratulations Bep! I loved reading your interview!! I love putting the life you live alongside the art you create!! Both are quite beautiful!!!

  14. wendy a says:

    congratulations happy beppie.
    what a beautiful project. enjoyed ‘getting to know you’ from the interview. also- big thanks for the tip on memento tuxedo black. will get some.

    have just seen the email – now, sorry to be ‘late’- and that i’m typing in small letters. saves the hands from pain. lol

    enjoy your month…all your creations are wonderful.

  15. Happy beppie says:

    Hi willow,

    Thanks for your nice words

  16. Happy beppie says:

    Hi Wendy A,

    Thnaks for the compliments on my work.
    And small letter haha i am doing that myself most of the times.
    Glad i could help you with the choice of the Tuxedo black.

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