August 2013: Stamping with Acrylic Blocks and Objects

Welcome to the August Technique Challenge.  This time the technique is stamping with acrylic blocks and objects.  Now, almost everyone out there has an acrylic block if you have any acrylic stamps.  The blocks come in different sizes and shapes from straight-edged to those with the wavy sides.

Usually we just use those to mount our acrylic stamps but did you know you can use them as stamps themselves?  Yes you can!  I’m sure a number of you have gone out and purchased stamps that are reverse squares, circles, rectangles, etc. to stamp a box behind an image stamp.  Well, you can do the exact same thing with your acrylic blocks and save some money.

So this month, get out that acrylic block, ink it up, and stamp away on your paper!  Add your image, maybe even get out something else to go in the acrylic image like the cap on a bottle?  Or maybe the bottom of a container you have your beads in?  Find things around the house to use to add to your card and let’s see what you can create this month.

Lindsay W. from OSA has kindly made a video to help you get started:

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