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How To Make Paper Flowers (by Margo S.)


Hi All,

I learned this new technique when I was with my local card group in Centralia.  The owner showed us how to make these beautiful flowers.  So I’m sharing the information with all of you.

I didn’t put this up on our regular OSA because the card doesn’t have anything Oriental on it even though it could.

These roses are more for cards you will either give to someone personally or include inside a box.  Here’s how to make them.

First, you need a punch that punches out a 6-petal flower.  You will need to punch out 4 petals for each rose.  I have two punches so I can do it in different sizes but I don’t have the large one that we used down in Centralia so my roses are smaller.  Here you will see the four flat punched flowers:


You need to leave the first one whole.  Then on the next one you need to cut off one of the petals by cutting towards the center on either side of that petal to remove it.  Set that one petal aside – you are going to use it.  So you now have a whole flower and one with one petal missing.  For the 3rd flower, remove two side-by-side petals and set them aside – you will use those too.  Then for the 4th flower, you will cut it in half, with three petals on each half.  You will only be using one half of that so toss the other part with three petals.  Now line them up with the 6-petal on top, the 5 petal next and so on so you can work with them in order.


Now cut between the petals on each towards the center but not all the way through.  And on all the cut pieces (except the single one) take a nick out of the center where the cut line is – again make sure you aren’t going through a cut line or your petals will fall apart.

Take your stencil tool (or you can use anything that has a long neck and goes to a point – like a pokey tool -looks like a knitting needle but shorter with a blue plastic cap on the blunt end – don’t know if you have one.  I need to get one of those – it’s to pierce a hole when using a brad).  With that stencil tool, you are going to roll the top of the petal around the neck of the tool – see below:  Do it with all except the single petal.


Do that with all the petals not only on the 6-petal flower but on all except the single one.  After you curl the petals, press your stencil tool into the center to make the petals stand up a little (just do little circles in the center area.


Where I have the stencil, press in a circle so the petals come forward a little.  Again, do that with all but the single one.

For the single one, instead of rolling the outside edge of the petal around the stencil tool, you are going to roll the side of that petal around the stencil tool.  That will make the very center of your finished flower.  See below:


Here it is rolled:


Kind of blurry but you get the drift.  Remember which end was the outer petal end and about half-way down, cut and remove the end that started out pointed.  That will allow the center of the flower to not stick up too high.

Now, take the one with the 5 petals and place a rolled up piece of glue dot right along the inside of the cut edge where you removed a petal.  You want the dot on the petal next to the one you removed.  This is a little blurry but it’s to show you where I put the dot:


The glue dot is on the petal on the left side of the hole.

Then bring the petal that was on the other side of the one you removed and attach that petal to the glue dot on the other.  This brings the flower up into a flower shape.  Do the same thing with the flower with 4 petals and 3 petals.  For the two petal one, it’s a little tricky – that’s the one I worked with the most.  You want to squeeze each petal in half lengthwise to form two cups but you also want the outside edge to be curled to look like petals.  You don’t glue dot that one.  This is what it should look like:


Now, take some glue that dries clear and place a blob on either glass, or even an old CD you don’t use.


Take the 5-flower one and dip the bottom into the glue and place it on the 6-flower, moving the petals of the 5-flower so they are between the petals of the 6-flower (like they are peeking through – not one on top of the other petals).


Do the same thing with the 4-flower, 3-flower, and 2-flower.  Use your stencil to push them down in the center to make good contact between the different layers.


Then dip the bottom (flat) end of the 1-petal and push it into the center of the top flower.  Hold it a minute to allow it to stick where you want it.



I showed you how to make these flowers in white.  You can do them in any color or even take the white flowers and color them with your marker pens.  I did the following card with the white flowers that I colored in different shades of purple:


The reddish and light purple were done with the same flower punch.  The dark purple one was done with my smaller punch.



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