June 2013: Huffing

Too often we just ink up our stamps with an ink pad (generally black or a dark color) and either dip it in embossing powder or just let it air dry.

This Challenge is to get out your stamp, like a flower stamp or something you can use different colors on, and take your ink pens (alcohol ink pens won’t work – been there – done that) and color that stamp.  Start with the lightest color first and go on to the darkest color.  Once you’ve colored the entire stamp, “huff” on it – as you would huff on your glasses before wiping them with a cloth.

Another example you probably did as a child was to huff on a window and draw a picture in the steam.  That’s huffing.  Our wonderful Lindsay W. who is not only an OSA member but also a vendor has kindly made a video to see on huffing.  You can see it here:

Stamp Huffing, Chalk Backgrounds & OSA Sketch #227 | Thefrugalcrafter’s Weblog

Just go to that link and scroll down to her video and you are set to go.

So this Challenge is an easy one.  I’ll give you a little heads up here.  Next month we are having a Brushstroke Mingle (3 cards) on our OrientalStampArt Yahoo! group.  This Huffing technique on that stamp would make an absolutely perfect card.  So you could combine two things into one card if you wish and use that card for the Mingle.   Just remember something on your card must be Asian in nature – whether it’s words, the stamp itself, or the background paper.

Now go off and have a wonderful time making your cards.  A fellow OSA member said you can even huff on it, stamp it on your paper and then huff again and stamp on another paper to do two images with one inking.  Give it a try!!

And here are the cards of those who participated:

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