September 2015: Mary Waspe

15.Spotlight.MaryW.1I have been stamping since 1993, and currently my favourite technique is colouring with Copics. I have been doing umpteen lessons and some times get very frustrated with them. Then I love a love hate relationship…

I’ve used a digital stamp from Aurora wings, in 4 different sizes, to show how versatile a digital stamp can be,..they were all coloured with Copics.

I am still drawn to Oriental art. Having grown up in Asia, and now I have a Vietnamese daughter-in-law…so now I can add another grand baby to my little collection… Her Name is Kate Rose, and she was born on Christmas Eve 12/24/14…to Mark and Cam….They recently got married in Vietnam on 4/11/15 with all the bells and whistles..I amazed myself and everyone there, as I did a speech  in Vietnamese which no one knew about.  My grand kids are now Thomas 11 Charlotte 9 1/2 and Kate 6 months.

14 Responses to September 2015: Mary Waspe

  1. Minda Oberle says:

    Congratulations, Mary — on both your artwork and on your family! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Barb I says:

    congratulations, Mary. a well deserved recognition.
    Barb I

  3. Laurel S. says:

    Congratulations Mary! I’d say that you’ve mastered the Copics…the images are lovely!

  4. Congratulations my friend! your projects are beautiful! Enjoy your month in the spot light!

  5. Leo says:

    Congratulations Mary – your colouring is outstanding – well deserved honour – enjoy your month hugs Leo

  6. Carla vdM says:

    Congratulations Mary on begin september’s SAM.
    Your colouring with the copic’s is just wonderfull, like the all geisha’s you did.
    Enjoy you month of OSA-SAM fame.

  7. cbsumm says:

    Stunning and gorgeous coloring Mary. You are the perfect member to be our Sept. SAM. Congratulations.

  8. Bonnie Belk says:

    Okay, Mary. It’s time to stop taking classes and start teaching them! Your project pieces are just beautiful, and very different with the same image. I well remember your frustration when you started with your copics, and I smile every time I see one of your masterpieces! You are and have always been an inspiration. Congratulations on being in the spotlight officially. Any time you share a piece of your work, you are in the spotlight naturally – right where you belong.

  9. Bonnie Waliezer says:

    Congratulations Mary..So well deserved. I am always in awe of your talent.

  10. Lyn Wareham says:

    Congratulations Mary, your work is gorgeous. Congratulations on your lovely family too 🙂

  11. Anne says:

    Congratulations Mary! Your cards are always so beautiful and inspirational. Your lovely project continues to inspire and delight! Enjoy your month in the spotlight!

  12. Mary says:

    Oh thank you everyone, I forgot its September already,..oh my goodness Bonnie B….I couldn’t give lesson,,still way too much to learn.

  13. I love the note about the speech in Vietnamese, you must have surprised a few people !

  14. Mary says:

    Yes about 350 people, any one knowing me knows I don’t like public speaking, in my own language let alone another, but I thought well if they don’t understand me and don’t speak English then they wont know any different…

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