April 2015: Bargello Technique

How many of you out there are people who knit or crochet?  Have you ever made an afghan with that zig-zag pattern?  That is the look of Bargello.

For our April Technique, you basically start with patterned paper, tape or glue it to another piece of card stock or sticky paper and cut it into strips.  You then tape or glue it down onto a background layer or your base card but stagger the pieces to make your image go up and down as a zig-zag.

This suggestion was brought to my attention by our OSA member, Mary R.  Thank you Mary for the idea.

I was given another suggestion called Faux Illusions where you stamp an image (like leaves) in versamark clear on white paper and heat set it.  You then stamp an image (like butterflies) all over your paper.  Once it dries, wipe off the ink that is on the versamark.

Then take your ink pad and drag it across the paper to color all the background (with Stampin’ Up! ink pad, one end has a dip in it but the other doesn’t so put the side without the dip at the top and start dragging from that side.)  Then stamp words in Staz On or take words and cut them out and put them on top (raised) to give you a 3-D effect on your card.

What I would like for you to do, is create a Bargello card.  You can use patterned paper or create your own.  You may use the Faux Illusions technique on your Bargello card or let your talents take you where they will and make your own pattern from scratch to use for the Bargello card.

The Faux Illusions card idea came from this link.  Be sure and watch the video at the bottom:

Stamp & Scrap with Frenchie: Faux Illusions with Irresistibly Yours

I thought these two techniques would go so nicely together.  Here is a link for the Bargello Technique using patterned paper:

Bargello Technique Tutorial – Splitcoaststampers

Here is a link for the Bargello and the Faux Illusions together.  This link is in French but you can totally understand what she is doing by the video:

Tutorial Vidéo 07 – Technique Bargello – YouTube

Here is the information for those who need sizes to work with:

You take 3/4″ x 5″ or 6″ strips of patterned paper and attach them to a thin piece of sticky paper.  Use a dark color paper for effect.  Use at least 2 from each pattern you choose.  Attach them to the thin piece of paper.  Then turn the paper and cut off one end to make even.

Then cut that sheet into alternating 1/2″ and 5/8″ strips or whatever two widths you choose so each strip has all the colors on it.  Then raise or lower each strip to form whatever pattern you want, attaching it to another piece of sticky paper.

You can use glue, your double-sided tape to make your sticky paper or buy the sheets of double sided sticky and mount it to regular card stock. Place your image up on top and mount it to a base card.  Keep in mind you don’t have to use the above sizes.  You can create your own.

I can’t wait to see the card you make for this Technique Challenge.


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