August 2015: Using your Double Image stamps

For this month we are going to play with our double image stamps.  By that I mean the ones that come with a reverse stamp (more like looking at a smudge in the shape of the corresponding stamp) and the outline stamp of the reverse.  I’m sure most of us have purchased them over the years but might not have hauled them out lately so now is the time to get them out.

What gave me the idea for this Technique Challenge was my watching the following video:

Thank You Roses – YouTube

Too often we don’t have two different shades of ink pads to use for our double image stamps or two-step stamps.  In the above video, she stamps the reverse image (kind of like the negative of film) off first instead of doing it directly on her paper.  Then she takes the outline stamp, inks it up with the same ink pad and BINGO!!  the lines are a darker version of the center and matches perfectly as a darker shade.  You will also see that when using a darker color, it might be too dark for your liking so try stamping that one off as well to give a softer look to your image.

I haven’t taken out my double-image/two-step stamps in years so now’s the time to dust them off, ink them up, and give them another try.  Won’t you get yours out too and have fun!

Here are more videos in case you need more inspiration:

Two Step Stamping! – YouTube
Laura Williams Two Step Stamping – YouTube
Click here: Stamp School #10: Innies, Backsies & Envies! – YouTube

One Response to August 2015: Using your Double Image stamps

  1. Carla vdM says:

    Wonderfull cards ladies,

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