January 2011: Annette W.


How long have you been stamping?

Creating has always been part of my ‘self’.  Cooking, baking, sewing, gardening, and decorating came before stamping entered my life about a decade ago.  Although stamping was a new avenue to explore, I took to it quickly and enjoyed the myriad choices and materials that go along with the stamping genre.

What is your favorite technique?

This is a tough question.

To choose one technique is impossible for me to do.  Any inked image stamped onto cardstock still gives me that feeling of delight and surprise even when I use my old favorites.  Beginning a new project is a favorite experience.  Watching it unfold as the work of art develops a personality of its own and finding myself following where it leads is a wonderful technique that allows the art to dictate how it will reach its potential and make a statement.  I feel guided from one step to the next.

Favorite stamp company?

My husband and I own www.aboutartaccents.com and have recently begun a merger with www.artneko.com , so these images are near and dear.  Other companies that have inspired me include Anne Stone’s images at  Stonehouse Stamps .

Favorite Asian stamps?

Geishas, Samurais, traditional Oriental scenes, families, natural habitats, animals, and images that depict actual lives of people in Asian countries are my most favorite.  Festivals are ever appealing because they depict cultural mores that make those countries come alive with personality and meaning.

Favorite stamping accessory?

Ha!  My studio is rife with accessories.  Isn’t everyone’s?
Choose only one?  Impossible!  Lol
Favorite(s) would have to be: Genesis Paper Trimmer, bone folders, embossing powders, scoring tools, OTT lights, sharp scissors in sizes, heat tools, punches in every size and shape, printer, a plethora of cardstock weights and colors, vellums, acrylic mounts in sizes, chalks, watercolors, brushes and pens, two-sided tape, templates, decorative papers and everything else that surrounds me while I create.  To choose a favorite would be like choosing one child over another.  Each item serves its purpose during the stamping process and without each item, my art would be less.

Favorite colors?

This is easy.  I dislike orange except the fruit and I love all other colors.  Orange is fine in conjunction with fall colors of reds, greens, tans, and browns.  A colorful leafy pile of fallen shade can take me back to childhood and Gram’s homemade cookies cooling on racks in her farm kitchen.
My favorite colors seem to be in combinations.  Purples, blues, and greens together are delicious.  Pinks in shades with black accents can grab my attention quickly.   December color combinations give me a feeling of happiness and expectation.  Combine the color of cinnamon with the scent of cinnamon and reds and greens.   Pure inspiration!  Black is my favorite accent.  I use it most often to frame art.  Dark greens and browns are also choices for accents.  Their depth allows lighter colors to contrast and stand out in the design.

Your favorite embellishment to finish a card?

Coins and brass charms add little weight and depth, so they are my first choices to finish cards.  However, since punches are part of my favorite stamping tools, I do tend to use punches a lot and combine them with ribbons in different textures and widths.

What is the one tool you couldn’t live without?

It may seem odd, but my internet access is a tool that I use several times daily to keep in touch, to ask questions, to search out formats and designs, for inspiration, and to share art with friends.
My paper trimmer and sharp scissors are must haves, too.  Every tool that I use when creating artwork, however, is a must have for that project.

Any helpful tips for the group?

Stamp every day.
Stamp stuff.
Stamp anything that cannot get away.
Create daily.

Stamping is fat free and is good for our mental health.  The supplies are there in your studio, so use them.  They are paid for.

Search the internet for ideas, look in OSA’s galleries for inspiration, and replicate the format with your choice of colors and your own style.

Take time for yourself.  Block out time on your calendar to create.  Sandwich stamping in between doctor’s appointments and making dinner.  Or make dinner first so you will not be interrupted while creating.  Crockpot recipes (googled) can make one-dish-dinners and take 5-10 minutes to prepare.

Carry stamped images with you to cut out while waiting for appointments.

Even five minutes a day that is spent stamping can be enough to uplift our spirits and keep our minds active and alert.  The thought process that goes into choosing images, inks, papers, and recipients can be invigorating.

Address envelopes before you begin stamping.  The hardest part of the stamping process is getting the envelope addressed, so do it first.

Make doubles.  You will use up leftovers, save money, and have a sample to keep for yourself or a second RAK/DAK to share.

Put away materials and supplies when you are finished with them.  They tend not to get lost under a mountain of papers and it saves time not having to pull a hunt for the item you need.  How many times have you purchased a duplicate item because you forgot that you already owned it or could not find it?

When creating, put all of the material you plan to use for the project in a shoe box or box lid.  As you use items, put the item back in the box.  That way, you will not have to say, “Now where did I put that?  I just had it a second ago.”  When your project is finished, tote the box around your studio and put away the materials.

Label drawers and shelves with sticky notes so you know where to put things.  Being women, we are known to change our minds, so the sticky notes are quick fixes to move when we readjust our storage.

As a member of OSA why do you like stamping in the Oriental theme?

Asia has always intrigued me.  The culture, the foods, and the people are full of surprises and interesting facets of personality.  Whether carved jade, cloisonné, hand-painted vases, or wood engravings, artisans made the items with their own hands and ingenuity.  I admire and respect anyone who can create from an idea using raw materials.  The Asian cultures have lasted the test of time and their arts have kept those cultures rich with history.

Is there any one place or city you’d like to visit to find rubber stamps?

Anywhere, Planet Earth.  Of course I would choose cities where OSA members live so I could meet and greet, share a meal, and create something together.  I would love to win the lottery with a found ticket and buy an island for OSA members to come, stay, stamp, and enjoy the company of other OSA members.

What other stamping lists or local clubs do you belong to?

The local rubber stamp group stamps in my home.

What favorite stamping magazines would you recommend?

Vamp Stamp News and Rubber Stamp Madness are still my favorite rubber stamping magazines.
Expressions and Rubber Stamper were also favorites when they were published.
Just Cards and Stampers’ Sampler are magazines I pick up on occasion.

Published in any magazines? If yes please list.

I have been.  Numerous times in: Rubber Stamper, Rubber Stamp Madness, Vamp Stamp News, Stampers’ Sampler, Expression, Just Cards, and others.

Any other hobbies, talents or craft interests?

Gardening is a love of mine.  I am always flabbergasted that tiny brown seeds can produce carrots, radishes, celery, lettuces, and onions.  Ugly bulbs planted in fall know exactly what flowers to produce in spring: tulips, daffodils, and lilies.  Roses, Society Garlic, Irises, Agapanthus plants, and flowering trees are a wonder to me.

Cooking and baking for family and friends is another love.  DH built me a state-of-the-art kitchen, so everyone congregates there during get-togethers.  There is always something to nibble on and cookies in five different cookie jars to sample.  Food, family, and friends, conversation, and camaraderie all seem to meld into a wonderful day and evening.  DD also cooks and bakes, so I cannot take all of the credit for the cookies.  LOL

What inspires you to be creative?

Just about anything can inspire me.  This fall, the first leaf on the ground caught my eye and I created Thanksgiving cards using the colors in the leaf and leaf punches found in bargain bins and on sale from years past.

The smells of my kitchen inspire me.  Cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg along with wintergreen and hot coffee or orange pekoe tea push me to create that wonderful feeling I had in my mother’s and grandmothers’ kitchens as a child.  The smells give me that ‘safe’ feeling children experience when they are at their mother’s knee.

Things inspire me.  A bare wooden tray or a cigar box will start me thinking about what I can do with it to make it better.  A cigar box, painted and embellished, becomes a purse when a cord shoulder strap is attached.  Include a handmade book inside or a decorated wallet with cash in it for a teenager’s 16th birthday gift and the circle is complete.  The inspired moment is sated.

Art background?

Yes and no…I took some art classes in school and after graduation, but nothing in a structured setting like an art school.  I have learned 99% of my stamping skills by listening to and asking fellow stampers.  Stampers are some of the most generous people I have known.  They share and encourage.  OSA members are renowned for being giving and caring stampers.

Have you used any unusual item in your stamping that wasn’t necessarily meant for stamping?

I have stamped on leather, wood, glass, and tile.  Fabrics have also been used as backgrounds.

Any favorite websites you would recommend for inspiration?

OSA’s files and PHOTOS and OSA’s subgroup OSA-PHOTOS are where I go first for inspiration.  I also use OSA-Archives (another sub-yahoo group of OSA) to see templates and artwork.

Do you have a day job when you’re not stamping?


Tell us about your family and where you live.

Family stretches from California eastward to the Midwest of America in Wisconsin and Minnesota, northward to the prairies of Canada in Alberta and British Columbia, and back south to Southern California.  Across the Atlantic, family members reside in Germany, England, France, and Ireland.

Black and Gold Year of the Rabbit Themed Cards






Black and Gold Year of the Rabbit Themed Cards:
Rabbit images stamped in black dye ink on bright gold cardstock and mounted to black wove cardstock. Stamp credits: AboutArtAccents (http://www.aboutartaccents.com/) / ArtNeko (http://www.artneko.com/)
Gold and Yellow organza, grosgrain, and wire ribbon are added as shown.
Washi in black and gold is also used for accents.

14 Responses to January 2011: Annette W.

  1. lindsay says:

    Well done Annette, and you are humble as always! I loved the gliumpse into how you create! Well deserved SAM, adorable cards too, i love the deer one!

  2. Bonnie Belk says:

    Great writing, and beautiful black and gold cards using terrific stamps. It was a pleasure reading about you and your creative life, and I’m happy to add my sincere congratulations to the pile you have and will receive!
    So – to someone who does so much to make us all smarter, happier, and better people – THANKS, Annette!

  3. Laurie says:

    Fabulous Annette! Thank you for sharing all that you do. You selflessly give to OSA your leadership and your art. Thank you. Congratulations on being chosen as SAM. Your work is inspiring to say the least!

  4. Dear Annette, congratulations on being selected SAM. I love your projects and reading your bio.

  5. Carolyn says:

    What a wonderful way for OSA to start 2011 with you as SAM, Annette. Your cards and projects are an inspiration and your encouragement and support for each member is limitless. HAPPY NEW YEAR, my friend.


  6. Rosemary L says:

    Congratulations on being chosen for SAM – well deserved!! Thanks for all you do for the OSA group.

  7. Lisa Hom says:

    Congratulations Annette. Your artwork has been an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing and being a leader in this creative group.

  8. Dee Richardson says:

    I am so happy to have as our January S.A.M
    I feel I know you better now but being interested and nosey ,there is more I would like to know.
    Your words flow in your interview. I honestly feel you should write a book about Asian Art and combine it with the art of stamping.I.ll be your proof reader LOL
    My DD once wrote to the Canadian author Timothy Findley and said “I am in love with your words” Ditto to you from me .
    I can’t wait for my mini sheets to arrive having seen your cards’
    Congrats and Happy New Year.

  9. Minda O-T says:

    Congratulations from me, too, Annette! I think you said it perfectly about not having any one single tool or accessory as favourite, but how eqch contributes to the creative process — how true! And please let me be the first to invite you to my house in beautiful Nova Scotia to share a meal — we can do lobster if you like! And to spend time creating together — Ooooh, I would love that! And bring DH and DD too!
    Hug, MInda

  10. Willow says:

    Congratulations Annette!!! It was wonderful reading about you!!!

  11. Mary Waspe says:

    Super congratulations Annette, I really enjoyed reading your bio and the cards are gorgeous, love the bunny stamps.
    you manage to do so many things, so must be super organised. like you I love my genesis paper trimmer.
    I wish you were coming with me to see Andre Rieu In May.
    enjoy the month.

    Mary W

  12. Janis Rothermel says:

    Congratulations. Nice to learn so much more about you! I appreciate all you do! You make me want to buy that Genesis. Tell us more about the sharp scissors you use-brand, model, size— Thank you again, and a great big happy new year. Well deserved.

  13. Fabulous interview. Congratulations and Happy New Year!

  14. Lois Smith says:

    Great cards and also great interview. Wish there was a place where OSA members could gather for a week-end retreat–stamping, learn new “tricks of the trade” and fellowship. How about some place on the Oregon coast?

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