March 2014: Making Envelopes

For the March Technique we are going to do two things.  One is to make an envelope for any size card you decide to make and the second is to make an envelope card.

Now I know there are all kinds of items out there to help you make an envelope.  Here are just a few of the items you can buy to help you make them:

 DSC00304 DSC00305 DSC00306

And now Stampin’ Up! has one that goes on top of their score device as well.  I’m sure there are lots of other ones out there to make envelopes as well if you are willing to put out the money for any of those.  But there’s no need.  You can make your own envelopes with nothing more than your paper, a ruler, and your bone folder.  It’s nice to have a scorer but even that is not necessary.

Let’s begin.  Here is the card I want to make an envelope for.  It’s my Layout Challenge #261 card for the OrientalStampArt website over in

Layout Challenge #261

I have more of that fish background paper so thought it would be cute to use that for my envelope as well.

First, measure the card on the diagonal (i.e. from the upper left corner to the lower right corner).  In this case, my card is 7 inches (17.7 cm) on the diagonal.  So cut a piece of card stock that you want to make your envelope out of 1 inch (2.7 cm) larger on both sides.  In this case I will be cutting my piece 8″ x 8″ (looks like about 20.3 or 20.4 cm).

Then place your pattern down if you want the pattern down and set your envelope piece with the corner point facing east/west/north/south like a diamond, centering your card in the middle:


My card above was eyeball centered and was a little too far to the right but have no fear, it still makes a great envelope so if yours isn’t exact on all sides, no problem.

Then fold in the right side to the edge of the card, creasing with your fingers on the fold:


Fold in the left side to the edge of the card and crease that as well:


Because of the angle of my camera it looks like my folds are waaay off the card but they aren’t.  Then bring up the bottom:


And bring down the top:


Remove your card and fold the folds one at a time and score them:


You will see in the corners that the paper kind of pucker and forms a triangle.  You will remove that triangle from all four corners around the center square:

DSC00315 DSC00316

Look at the top fold and the bottom fold and choose which one you want to show (whichever one is more balanced with the point).  For the one you didn’t choose, cut off the point straight across.


If you want a pattern on the inside of your envelope to add just that extra touch, now is the time to do so.  I took a small piece of that same paper and attached it with regular double-sided tape to the inside near the top fold:


Some people seal the envelope corners with glue, some with glue stick but I DON’T want that envelope coming open in the mail so I use the tape with the red protective coating.  Here’s where I put it – don’t go all the way to the points:


Fold up the bottom, remove the red protective cover on the tape and carefully line up your side flaps and seal them down on the bottom part.  DONE!!  You can put another piece of the red tape along the top and remove the protective cover when you are ready to seal the envelope.  DONE!!

Here it is finished:


See how my cattywomp edges don’t matter?  Just shows it was hand-made.  Here is my finished envelope with the card partially in:

Finished Envelope with card

Finished Envelope with card

For the front, especially on a busy-patterned paper, you could add a piece of white card stock that you write your address on or print it out on your computer paper and stick it on with clear packing tape so no edges can be lifted and removed with the postal machines.

You can use magazine paper that has lots of brilliant colors on it as well.

For your card envelope, you would stamp the inside with the image you normally put on the front of your card along with the words and then stamp images on all the flaps and the back, leaving the area where you want to address the card.  Here’s my example from Layout Challenge #118:


That is all the outside of the card.  The center is where you address it.  Here is the other side:


And since you aren’t gluing or taping down the flaps, you will cut a slit and insert the tip of the top into the slit on the bottom:


For mailing, you can just put a piece of tape over where the slit is to hold it shut or allow the postal people to open it and admire your card.

Here are some links for a little step-by-step:

Making An Envelope – YouTube

Make an envelope for any size card! – YouTube


If you go to, you’ll also find videos for those of you who have envelope-making devices.  I just typed in Making Envelopes and clicked on Making Envelopes for Cards and all the wonderful videos came up.

Have fun doing this month’s Technique Challenge.  Either make your envelope or make your envelope card.    Can’t wait to see your finished products!!

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