February 2014: Polished Stone

For this month’s February Technique Challenge I decided to play around with the Polished Stone technique.  If you’ve never done it before, it’s very easy.  All you need is glossy paper, a cotton ball ( or more), some isopropyl alcohol i.e. rubbing alcohol, two colors of dye based ink (like blue and yellow or purple and blue, etc.)  and one color of pigment ink (like silver or gold or bronze).

Start by adding some isopropyl alcohol to the cotton ball to make it wet.  Then depending on the darkness of your ink refill color, start with 2 or 3 drops of the color and about 4 of the pigment ink to the cotton ball.


Then don’t rub the cotton ball on your glossy paper; instead dab it.


Make sure you cover the whole front of the glossy paper:


The pigment ink in silver, gold, or any metallic color adds the marbled effect.  I used bronze on this one.  Make sure you shake up your container or you’ll get the golden colored mixture that holds everything together instead of the actual color you want.  That was my mistake on this.  I didn’t get the bronze when I first did it – just the golden substance.  So I went back (after shaking vigorously) and added the bronze by tapping it on there.

I did the above in purple and teal.  The second one I did with yellow and green and this time the bronze was well shaken:


That reddish-brown is the bronze.  And the last one I did yellow and teal with silver:


You can see the silver marbling on the upper part of the card.  That pattern comes out when you tap the cotton ball on your card stock.  Here’s the card I made using the yellow and teal with silver:

Margo (Rli) S. Feb Tech Challenge

Here are some links to YouTube so you can see the videos on the Polished Stone technique if you’d like:

Polished Stone Technique – YouTube
Technique: Polished Stone – YouTube

Christmas Card Spectrum Polished Stone with Karen – YouTube

Polished Stone Technique Video – YouTube

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The interesting thing you’ll see about all these videos is everyone does the technique just a little bit different.  I prefer to put the alcohol on the cotton ball before I add the colors.  Some do it in reverse.  Just watch the videos to see the way these wonderful ladies make theirs.  You can do whichever way you choose just so you have a polished stone effect.

If you haven’t done Polished Stone in the past, then please give it a try.  It’s a lot of fun and makes beautiful backgrounds.

Here are the beautiful cards made this month:

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  1. cbsumm says:

    Beautiful cards!

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