June 2014: Using a white pen on your cards

Do you have a white pen?  One you bought a long time ago so you could write your name on the backs of your cards when the base card is black?  So many of us have them but haven’t realized the full potential of that lone white pen.

There are a great many brands out there of white pens to choose from so here are some ideas for you to try with your pens.

I’m sure you’ve all stamped on colored paper with your stamps and found coloring the images is a problem because either the color you are using mixes with the color of the paper and only forms shades of dark purple, gray or black.  But you want to add a little something to bring that stamped image to life.

Some people use bleach to do the trick and take the color out of the paper.  If you want to make the image white, no need.  Just use your white pen over the image.  Make sure you don’t go over the lines or they will be covered up.  Here is an example of a stamped image on red card stock:


See, it’s a nice image from Mari & Me and looks just fine on the red paper.  But if you want to “bump it up” a little, color in parts of the flowers with your white pen.  Here is an example of that:


See how it made that flower POP!!  So that’s one way to use your white pen.  Another is to add dimension to a flower you have on your card.  For this next one, I used a Stampin’ Up! punch that is of a bird, leaf, and bird wing.  A fellow OSA member, Sandra G., sent me a card a long time ago where she made flowers using that punch and I’ve been doing it ever since.  I took the bird wing, punched 3 per flower and put 3 flowers on my card.  Then I took my white pen and drew a line on the top layer of each flower.  Here you can see the results before andding the white pen:



And here is that with the white pen added:


See the depth it adds?  You can also use your white pen to put snow on branches, add the moon glow to one side of something on your card.  The list is almost endless!

Here is my finished card as an example for the flower on the red:



And here’s my example for the “wing” flower card:



Another thing you can use the white pen for is the eyes on your stamp.  Have you ever colored in the eyes of a horse stamp or other animal stamp?  Or even a person stamp and suddenly they become “Devil eyes”?  If you add that white dot to each eye, you can change that card into something fantastic.   Depending on where you place that white dot as to what “feeling” you get from your card.

So please have fun with this and make a card using your white pen.  I’m excited to see your card.

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