March 2015: Iris Folding

In our January 2014 Technique Challenge we used strips of paper to make our cards.  The strips were in random order however we wanted to use them.

For this month we are going to get specific with those pieces of paper and do Iris Folding.  It is not difficult at all to do.

If you use thin paper like washi or origami, then folding the edge over doesn’t make the back of your card very thick when you go to tape it down. If you use regular thickness card stock, then I recommend you not fold it over.

For those not familiar with Iris Folding, you start with a pattern that has been cut out of a piece of paper – like a vase or tea pot or tree, for example.  You then layer at least 3 colors of paper across the hole in the paper to form a pattern.

Here are some instructions for Iris Folding:

How to do Iris Folding – YouTube

Teresas Iris Folding Template #1 – YouTube

Iris Folding – Heart project – YouTube

Make Cards With Iris-Folding Techniques — An Annie’s Paper-Craft Tutorial – YouTube

Here are some links to free patterns to use for your Iris Folding card:

Free Iris Folding Patterns

free printable iris folding patterns

iris folding patterns free – Google Search

Here are some free templates so you can line up your papers:

Iris Folding @ How to Make Your Own Patterns

Download Free Iris Folding Templates

Iris folding – paper downloads, free templates etc.

Basic Iris Folding Templates

iris folding templates free – Google Search

Patterns and templates seem to run together here.  Keep in mind you can also use your die cuts as patterns and make your Iris Folding card with that.  Just lay under your cut-out the pattern on how you plan to lay your paper.  You can go from 3 different colors to more depending on what you hope to achieve.

Have fun with this month’s Technique Challenge.

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