Which technique would you like to find out about? (Sites will open in a new window.) Please also go visit our page of Technique Classes or you can also look at the member-generated tips on the Thursday Tips list.
Acetate & Transparencies
Aging Techniques (for paper–we don’t need any help for ourselves!) Lizzie S.
Aging Techniques (for embellishments) Natalie B.
Air Art Gun
Alcohol Ink Wash (Heather T.)
Alcohol Inks 1 for wallpaper (Heather T.)
Alcohol Inks 2 (Heather T.)
Anesama Ningyoo (Elder Sister Dolls)
Antiqueing Cards (Norah H.)
Asian Paper Basket (Class by Sonia Evans)
Asian Proverb Accordion Book
ATC’s With A Twist (Class by Ruth C.)
Baby Oil (Phyllis J.)
Baby Wipes (home-made) Bonnie W.
Fast and easy outdoors Backgrounds
Serendipity Backgrounds
Backgrounds to Dye for (Brenda M.)
Background (Watercolor & Dye Ink) (Cindy L.-W.)
Background (Magazine flowers) (Mirjam)
Fancy Background Papers (Chryss W.)
Bargello (for paper)- See the OSA e-zine, OSA Spectrum, Issue 1
Bargello (for clay)
Basic tips for stamping
Basic card-making (Flora)
Batik, Faux (Annette Warkentin)
Paper Beads (Nancy M.)
Bleach Stamping (Jody M.)
Blender Pen Refill Fluid (Barbara G.-P.) and another
How to make a Book out of a paper bag
Bookbinding (Japanese)
Mini-Books (Neith Juch, reprinted by permission)
How to tie a perfect bow
Bracelets (découpage)
Bubble Background
Candle Decorating
Card Holder (Marge M.)
Card ideas from HGTV
Carving Your Own Stamps (Candice J.)
Caught in Crystal
Charm molds (Lizzie Slothouber)
Cheesecloth Backgrounds (Ruth C.)
Collage Technique and Template
Clay molds
Clip Art Made Easy (Ruth)
Stamped Faux Cloisonné
Colored Pencils
Colors (Class by Annette Warkentin)
Confetti Backgrounds (Julie A.)
Cookie Cutters
Cork Stamping
Crackle Accents Alternative (Cindy D.)
Crane Pocket (Violet K.)
Cray-Pas Background (Tera H.)
Crayon Highlighting (Cris B.)
Crystalline Paper (Nancy M.)
Dark on White on Dark (Lori R.)
Découpage (Sharon S.) and another
Distress Inks (Class by Kate C.)
Doll, Japanese (Elder Sister Doll)
Dominos (Class by Tricia B. T.) and accompanying page by Art Neko
Dry Embossing
Eggshell Technique (Sonia E.)
Eggshell Crackle
Explosion Card
Fabric Books (Ruth C.)
Fan Template (Mirkwood)
Faux Batik (Annette Warkentin)
Faux Bleach (Sulea)
Faux Foil Stickers (Carol C.)
Faux Polished Stone (Jody M.)
Faux Shrink Plastic
(Lorie M.)
Faux Vellum
Faux Washi
Faux Watercolor (Fred B. Mullett technique, taught by Heather T.)
Faux Wax Seals (Anne G.)

Flowers, Paper (How to Make) (Margo S.)
Foil (Jody M.) and another (France C.)
Foiled Gift Wrap
Frost Technique (TLinda S.)
Fumiko (Kazuko K.)
Fun Foam

Geisha card (DIY)
Glass Marble Backgrounds (Elizabeth/Pixie H.)
Glass Stamping
Glitter (Tracey D.) and another
Glue: See Hot Glue Art, Hot Glue Art II, Faux Wax Seals
Gluing Small Things
Gold Bead & Ribbon Mesh (Ann P.)
H2O Backgrounds (Bren)
Heated Pearls
Homemade Rubber Stamp Ink
Hot Glue Art (Teh-Shan)
Hot Glue Art II (Sharon ‘Harry’ Solly)
Hot Glue Art III (Carol C)
Hot Wax (Beginning Class taught by Karlene-Frances S.)
Illusion braid (Lacé)
Ink (Making – Barbara G.-P.)
Ink (Making your own colors using chalk – Tracy M.)
Ink (Stop it from Bleeding Under a Ruler)
Ink Wash (TLinda)
Inked Foil (Catrina K.)
Inks Wash 2 (Heather T.)
Iridescent Shadow Technique (Linda K.)
Iris folding (general)
Iris Folding Class (Dominique S.)
Iris Folding: Make Your Own Template (Dominique S.)
Iris Folding (Reverse) (Millie K.)
Iron-On Transfer
Jacquard Envelopes
Jacob’s Ladder (Invisible Three-Panel, by Sonja I.)
Joseph’s Coat
Journal Cover Focal Point
Kimono Dolls
Knot templates
Knots: Chinese knotting
Knots: Chinese knotting (2)
Lacé template (traditional)
Layered Adirondacks (Class taught by Marion Davis)
Layering Technique, Faux (Mary P. W.)
Leafing pen nib restoration (Fran)
Liquid Appliqué
Lumière paints
Lyra Metallic Pencils
Mahjong Tiles
Marbled Tissue Paper
Marvy Metallics Backgrounds
Masking and Stippling (~~C)
Melted Crayons Background
Metal Embossing
Mizuhiki – See the OSA e-zine, OSA Spectrum, Issue 1
Mizuhiki (making your own – Jane S.)
Mizuhiki (butterfly)
Mizuhiki (flowers)
Mizuhiki (jewelry)
Mizuhiki (happy occasions – samples)
Mizuhiki Knots, Stabilizing (France Ch.)
Molds (making your own), and another
Mystical Pearl-Ex Spritz Paper (Dawn Hass)
Nailpolish Technique
Napkin Class (Sonia E. & Sandy C.)
Napkins, and another site
Napkin Cards Using Plastic Wrap (Barb W.)
Neverending card
Origami (general)
Origami (many different patterns; Japanese, but easy to follow pictures; click the menu buttons on the left-hand side–for a translation of the menu, go to Kazuko’s gallery)
Origami (many different samples & sites)
Origami (another site with different samples, including envelopes)
Origami (traditional and modern models, though you have to pay for the latter)
Origami (several different patterns); another
Origami (many different patterns, and another site like this one, and another)
Origami: Airplanes
Origami: Animals, rare animals of Japan
Origami: Bunny
Origami: Crane
Origami: Crane
Origami: Dragons (baby dragon)
Origami: Envelope (Jane in San Diego)
Origami: Fabric origami
Origami: Fortune Teller
Origami: Holly leaf
Origami: Kimono
Origami: Monkey, plus Sesame Street animals
Origami: Panda (and another)
Origami: Santa Hat (in Japanese)
Origami: Shrimp
Oshi-e (Puffy Yuzen Washi Designs) and another; purchase kits
Paper Bag Techniques (Lori R. & Jane in San Diego)
Paper Chrysanthemum
Paper Clay
Paper folding
(not quite an origami project, but with possibilities)
Paper folding templates (gallery card, kaleidocycles, flexagons, etc.)
Paper Flowers (How to Make) (Margo S.)
Paper Tole
Paper Towel Background Technique (Jane S.)
Paper Weaving 101 (Annette W.)
Paper Weaving 102 (Annette W.)
Paper Weaving 103 (Annette W.)
Paper Weaving 104 (Annette W.)
Papier Mache
Paste Paper (Wallpaper paste) (Carole M.)
Patchwork Background Cards (Heather T.)
Pearl Ex Backgrounds (Lorie M.)
Photo Postcards
Piano hinge (bookbinding method)
Polished Stone (Faux) (Jody M.) and another
Polymer Clay Book Covers (Annette W.)
Polymer Clay techniques
Polymer Clay molds
Pop-Ups and another amazing one with zodiac patterns
Punches with Washi (Janis G.)
Quilling and another
Quilted Cards
Record Technique (Lizzie Slothouber)
Resist Stamping
Reverse Imaging
Reverse Iris Folding (Millie K.)
Ribbon Coloring (Heather T.)
Personalized Ribbons (Tracy M.)
Ribbon Storage
Rub-Ons (Homemade) Sonja I.
Sakura Glaze Pens
Scented Cards (Marian R.)
Scraps, making your own stamps from (Candice Jordan)
Sculptured Paper (Michelle)
Sealing Wax
Seed Paper
Serendipity (France C.), and anotherSerendipity
Shading (technical) and another
Shadow Stamping
Shaker Cards
Shattered Glass Technique (class by T. Linda S.) and another
Shaving Cream and another and Marge M.’s Shaving Cream Class
Skeleton Leaves
Skin Color Tips (Jennie B.)
Slate Stamping
Slide Card (Adrienne West)
Soap Art (Annette W.)
Stamping Techniques
Starbooks: one, two
3-D Star (Suzanne Glazier)
StazOn Cleaner Background Technique (Annemiek v. d. G.)
Sticker Paper
Stippling and Masking (~~C)
Stone Tiles (Class by Heather T.)
Techniques with a stylus
(ink marbling on paper)
Tag Art
Teabag Folding (Parts I & II, Dominique S.)
Teabag folding, outside links: Circle of Crafters
Technique Classes
Template designs by Mirkwood
Thursday Tips
Tiles (Kimono) – Marj
Torn Paper (Lynda J.)
Transfer techniques
Transferring images (using gel)
Tumbled Stone Tiles (Heather T.)
Twill, Personalized (Tracy M.)
Unmounted Stamps
Unmounted Stamp Storage (Small) (Fran C.)
UTEE – Ultra-Thick Embossing Enamel
Vellum, homemade (Chryss W.)
Vellum, patterned (Annette W.)
Velvet Stamping
Vinegar and Sugar Background (Natalie B.)
Another Vinegar & Sugar Background
Wallpaper and alcohol inks
Wallpaper Paste (Paste Paper) (Carole M.)
“Waterfall” card
Water Mist
Faux Watercolor (Fred B. Mullett technique, taught by Heather T.)
Watercolor “Splat” Background (Estivalia C.)
Waterproofing ink (Melissa)
Wax, stamping with (Faux Batik – Annette Warkentin)
Wax Crayon Resist (France Ch.)
Weaving Paper 101 (Annette W.)
White on Black (Lori R.)
Xyron Tip
Technique with Y name
Zine Creation
Zipper Pocket

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