Teabag Folding 2

Class taught by Dominique S. on 8/26/06

Teabag Cranes

Link to gallery:
Teabag Folding

Gallery on Flickr

Items needed for this class:


Using a paper trimmer or a metal ruler and a sharp craft knife, cut out 8 teabag squares

out of the sheet of teabag papers. Accuracy is paramount!


The three basic folds for Teabag Folding are the square fold, the triangle fold and the kite

fold. The square fold has been covered in the first Teabag Folding class, and the two others are

beautifully explained in the links given in that class.

There are many books on the market with Teabag Folding projects. However, for projects involving

more advanced folding, you are usually confronted with a set of origami diagrams, very little explanation

and a single photo of the result. This, while perfectly adequate for a seasoned Teabag Folding enthusiast,

can be quite daunting for a novice. The aim of this class is to take such a project and demystify

the diagrams, so that even novices will have the confidence to try any Teabag Folding project, however


Double Star:

Check your teabag paper: if the picture isn’t completely symmetrical, make sure that you always

place the paper with the top of the picture at the top (North).


Take the time to fold accurately. Crease all folds with a bone folder.

1. Take one square, place it with the wrong side facing up. On the diagrams, the letters A, B, C

and D are there to help you.


2. Fold in half horizontally. Open and fold in half vertically. Open back up.

2.3 2.4
origami diagram user friendly diagram


3. Fold point A and B down to the centre where the fold lines intersect.



4. Fold the side edges in to meet the centre vertical fold line.



5. Fold the bottom edge up to the centre horizontal fold line.



6. Fold the upper right corner of the fold made in step 5 diagonally down to the bottom of the

centre vertical fold line.



Open the fold you’ve just made.


7. So far so good…Now be careful this is the tricky bit: open up the bottom fold a little and

grasp point D and pull it out to the right. You now have a small triangular shape extending on the right of

the folded paper.

origami diagram user friendly diagram



8. Turn your paper over so the front is facing up.



9. Fold point D so that the outer edge butts up against the left side of the main section.



10. But what about the cocktail stick I told you to have handy? Insert the end of the cocktail

stick inside the small fold you have just made to open up the triangle. Squash it flat with the point in

the centre. The centre fold of point D should lie on top of the side of the main section. It forms a

diamond shape. This is called a “squash fold”. Clever, isn’t it?




11. Carefully, making absolutely sure that all your squares are oriented the same way – otherwise

it will spoil your hard work- repeat step 1 to 10 with the other 7 squares.

12. I suggest you practise assembling the squares without any glue until you’re satisfied it

works properly. Holding the first folded piece in your left hand, slide the second piece on top of the

first one until the left side of the small diamond butts up against the right side of the small diamond on

the first piece. Make sure to align the bottom corners.





13. Got it? Now start again with the glue. Don’t rush, please read the rest of this step before

going any further.

Apply a little glue to the bottom left area of the first piece. Slide the second one in position, check



Continue with the other pieces. Be very careful with the last one: you must slide the first piece

on top of the eight piece, butting the left side of the small diamond on the first piece against the right

side of the small diamond on the last piece. Make sure you align all the pieces properly; however, don’t

set them so tight against each other, that you end up with a gap between the last and first one!



Finished? Now give yourself a big pat on the back, you deserve it!
14. Make a card, a tag, a bookmark, send it as a RAK…


But don’t forget to upload a photo or a scan of your creation in the gallery.
Teabag Folding

Gallery on Flickr


There are so many books and internet sites with Teabag Folding projects, I couldn’t possibly give you all the details. Just Google it.

I will however give you the link to a lovely project using the “squash fold” created by a talented artist from OSA:
Scroll to the bottom of the page TEA WITH LEO. Download the pdf file.

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