Paper Weaving 104

Class taught by Annette W. on 3/10/06.


Link to gallery:
Paper Weaving 104 Gallery on Flickr

Materials Needed:

  • 2-4 scanned photos small enough to fit on a greeting card front
  • 1 or 2 greeting card blanks
  • scissors, ruler, pencil
  • glue stick, glue, tape or whatever works best for you
  • ribbons, yarns, fibers, anything to add a bit of charm or whimsey to your art
  • Oriental stamps, pads and coordinating embellishments
  • Anything else that floats your boat

For those of you who are returning students, we’re making a different type of loom this time. If you’ll recall in our other classes, we folded our cardstock in half to create a loom.

This time ’round we’re changing it up a bit and using preprinted photographs and pictures sized to fit a greeting card. Instead of folding the picture in half, you get to decide the orientation of your loom. You may use a stamped image in lieu of a phtograph if you wish.

Choose any picture or stamped image that will fit on the card you’ve chosen.

Decide what direction your cuts will take: bottom to top, left to right or diagonally. There are samples of all three types below.

Step One


Click on this blue and white cherry blossom picture to get a larger size (click on “all sizes” above the photo and choose “original”) that can be downloaded and printed on your computer. You can use this to create a weaving.

Step two


Look closely. The cuts in this loom start at the left and run diagonally upward and to the right. When weaving, weave over-under-over, but from the top to the bottom. I find it best to glue down the right edge of the loom to the card front so it is stable and easier to weave. I usually glue the ends of every other weaving strip.

Step three


As you can see in the scan, the weaving is less formal and a bit serendipitous. I left the tips of the final strips so you can see how I wove the strips. Once the strips are glued securely and dry, I then trim off the excess.

Step four


Stamp the Haiku Bunny or whatever image you choose. You can see that the loom is created by cutting zig-zag lines from the bottom of the bunny image toward the top. Glue the cut loom at the top to the card front and weave. I chose to use yarn, ribbon and cardstock strips so you can see the variety. Once woven, glue the strips down and trim off the excess.

Step five


Here is the finished bunny. You can see that I trimmed off one of the red strips to expose his eye. I mounted the stamped image on red, then on white. The card front is covered with bunny washi and the last step was adding the ribbon on the left edge to match the ribbon in the weaving.

Step six


The Monkey King and the rabbit suggested pink to me. Click on this picture to see a larger version, which can be printed and used.

Step seven


If you look closely, you can see that the weaving, instead of going left to right, goes from the bottom to the top. Cut your loom from left to right and it will create a weaving the is done from the bottom like the zig zag Haiku bunny.

Step eight


The finished weaving was glued to pink cardstock, then onto black. The card front is covered with pink and gold washi fans. I added a pink tassel because I had it. LOL

That’s it! Please share your own efforts here:
Link to gallery:
Paper Weaving 104 Gallery on Flickr

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