Napkins – Serviettes

Hosted by Sonia E. and Sandy C.


Napkins can be found anywhere! However, one does not really pay too much attention to them until they become part of your art. The best kind of napkins are those that have three layers and are thick. Many designs can be found in specialty decor stores, Tuesday Morning, online or your local food market. Asian napkins are particularly difficult to find.


Making a basic napkin card is easy to do. The supplies are readily available and most likely are found in a stamper’s basic kit. For this project, I chose a decorative napkin, coordinating inks and cardstock, stipple brushes, monoadhesive, Tombow soft glue stick (blue), fibers, a charm and Gold Krylon leafing pen. For background stamps, I chose the chicken wire (SU!), the Rooster word (About Panache), and clouds (CI Stamping).


Notice the napkin has three layers. Gently begin separating them.


Begin by selecting a napkin that calls your attention. I chose a rooster, for the Year of the Rooster. Carefully separate all layers. I sometimes keep the bottom white layer to use for another stamping project. I tend to throw away the middle layer because it has bleeding from the top layer. I look at the top layer and decide which part of the napkin I will use. Sometimes I use a big part; other times I use only a portion of the napkin.


Using the tips of your fingers, gently tear around the image you want to be the focus of you card. Do one small section at a time as you have more control and will not rip the thin layer. I have chosen to tear off around the top edges of the rooster.


I stamp the background about 3/4 of the way down the front of the card. Sometimes I stipple most of the card. Sometimes I do only the edges.


Place the napkin over the card and move it around until you decide what looks good to you.


Gently glue the napkin using the Tombow soft glue. I start at the middle of the image and work out in one direction. I repeat this until I have gone all around the napkin image.


I also glue the card part where I will lay the image down. If you have stamped the cardstock with a background image, make sure you let the ink dry before you add the glue. I have noticed that sometimes the ink will bleed, depending which ink brand you use.


Trim the edges of the napkin. You might have to add a little bit of glue under the edges of the napkins after you cut.


Edge the front of the card with Gold Krylon leafing pen.


Select coordinating fibers. Make a tassel with a few strands of fiber. Attach a charm to one of the strands. Attach the tassel with one of the super glue dots in the desired postion.


Stamp the word “Rooster” in black ink on a scrap piece of paper. Layer that on gold and adhere it to the card using the monoadhesive glue. Voilà! You’re done.


To add dimension to the card, you can select pieces of the main image to make 3 D. Get another napkin or use scraps from the original napkin. Adhere the napkin pieces on cardstock. Cut and pop out using pop dots.

Want to share your napkin art? Please do! Click here to add a picture of your own artwork, and to see other examples of napkin art!

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